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jQuery Interview Questions
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How do you check if an element is empty?

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How do you check if an element exists or not in jQuery?

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What is the use of jquery .each() function?

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What is the difference between jquery.size() and jquery.length?

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What is the difference between $('div') and $('

') in jQuery?

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What is the difference between parent() and parents() methods in jQuery?

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What is the difference between eq() and get() methods in jQuery?

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How do you implement animation functionality?

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How to disable jQuery animation?

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How do you stop the currently-running animation?

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What is the difference between .empty(), .remove() and .detach() methods in jQuery?

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Explain .bind() vs .live() vs .delegate() vs .on()

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What is wrong with this code line "$('#myid.3').text('blah blah!!!');"

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How to create clone of any object using jQuery?

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Does events are also copied when you clone any element in jQuery?

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Un-Answered Questions { jQuery }

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What is each() function in jQuery? How do you use it?


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What are the types of selectors in jQuery?


Tell me which program is useful for testing jquery?


Change the url for a hyperlink using jquery?


Do we need to add the jquery file both at the master page and content page as well?


What is the use of noconflict() method in jquery?