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jQuery Interview Questions
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Can we use jQuery to make ajax request?

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What are various methods to make ajax request in jQuery?

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Is there any advantage of using $.ajax() for ajax call against $.get() or $.post()?

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What are deferred and promise object in jQuery?

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Can we execute/run multiple Ajax request simultaneously in jQuery? If yes, then how?

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Can you call C# code-behind method using jQuery? If yes,then how?

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Which is the latest version of jQuery library?

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Does jQuery 2.0 supports IE?

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What are source maps in jQuery?

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How to use migrate jQuery plugin?

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Is it possible to get value of multiple CSS properties in single statement?

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How do you stop the currently-running animation, remove all queued animations, and complete all animations for the matched elements?

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What is finish method in jQuery?

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What is the difference between calling stop(true,true) and finish method?

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Consider a scenario where things can be done easily with javascript, would you still prefer jQuery?

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Un-Answered Questions { jQuery }

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What is difference between sorting string array and sorting numerical array in jquery?


How do you select an item using css class or id and get the value by use of jquery.


What is the difference between prop() and attr() in jquery?


What are the types of selectors that are used in jquery? Give examples.


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Explain various methods to make ajax request in jquery? : jquery mobile


How We Can Write Code Specific To Browser In Jquery?


What is difference between .setinterval() and .delay() ?