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SAP BO BOBJ (Business Objects) Interview Questions
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How do you consume SAP BEx queries?

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Can you consume SAP BEx queries with SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence and SAP Crystal Reports Enterprise?

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Are there restricted features in SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence while accessing BEx queries?

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Is it possible to mix relational data and SAP BW data in a single universe?

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Can I use the translated metadata from SAP BW in universes?

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Please explain about Alerts in Bo's, Under what situation we need to use alerts

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How many tabs can be added in a report i.e. how many times can we drill a report?

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Can you please clarify the difference between compatible and incompatible objects?

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How do I prevent overlapping of the tables in webi?

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How to resolve Computationa and Multivalue errors?


What is a section in a business objects report?

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What is the difference between QAAWs and Live office?


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Can you create Alerts in WEB Intelligence?


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How to Create a Dashboard?


How do you implement row level security and where do you implement?

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Un-Answered Questions { SAP BO BOBJ (Business Objects) }

List down all sorts of clients related to business objects? : sap bobi


How do you save a business objects document which can be accessed by all users in workgroup mode? : sap bobi


List out the schemas supported by business objects designer? : sap bobi


Define drill mode? : sap bobi


If you want to find immediate answers to business questions, which tool you would go with?


How many approaches are there for linking universes? : sap bobi


What is a master/detail report?


A project requires the parsing of names into given and family, validating address information, and finding duplicates across several systems. Name the transforms needed and the task they will perform?


What is the advantage of afd?


What is aggregate awareness? : bo designer


List out the tasks of universe designer?


What do you understand by the context in the universe? : sap bobi


What is the scheduler class in apex? Is it conceivable to call the apex method in javascript code? If yes then clarify? : sap bobi


What is a client tool? / Why the web is referred to as a client tool? : sap bobi


With what extension the universes get created in idt? : sap bobi