Mobile OS Interview Questions
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 Which API is used to write test scripts that help in exercising the application's user interface elements?

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. Why an app on iOS device behaves differently when running in foreground than in background? 

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 How can an operating system improve battery life while running an app?

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 Which framework delivers event to custom object when app is in foreground? 

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. When an app is said to be in not running state? 

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. Name the app sate which it reaches briefly on its way to being suspended

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 An app is loaded into memory but is not executing any code. In which state will be in?

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 Assume that system is running low on memory. What can system do for suspended apps?

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 How can you respond to state transitions on your app? 

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. List down app's state transitions when it gets launched. 

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What is the use of controller object UIApplication?

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How is the app delegate is declared by Xcode project templates?

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 Which app specific objects store the app's content?

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 Are document objects required for an application? What does they offer?

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Which is the super class of all view controller objects?

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Un-Answered Questions { Mobile OS }

Do you know will Microsoft ship a panorama control with the run-time?


Explain how an autorelease pool works at the runtime level


Explain application states


Difference b/w collectionView & uitableview?


Explain your process for tracing and fixing a memory leak


How you can use built-in Messaging within your application?


What does Ubuntu mean?


What is the correct way to check if a Compass sensor is present on the system? Explain your answer.


Explain which all events will perform an ios application in background


How do we do compliance for Ubuntu?


Can you use an Intent to provide data to a ContentProvider? If not, what would be the proper mechanism for doing this?


What happens when you invoke a method on a nil pointer?


The last callback in the lifecycle of an activity is onDestroy(). The system calls this method on your activity as the final signal that your activity instance is being completely removed from the system memory. Usually, the system will call onPause() and onStop() before calling onDestroy(). Describe a scenario, though, where onPause() and onStop() would not be invoked.


What is a ContentProvider and what is it typically used for?


Explain what is the stack of autorelease pools. How autorelease pool work under the hood?