Mobile OS Interview Questions
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Mention what are the features of Swift Programming?

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Mention what is the difference between Swift and ‘Objective-C’ language?


Mention what are the type of integers does Swift have?

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Mention what is the Floating point numbers and what are the types of floating number in Swift?

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Explain how multiple line comment can be written in swift?

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What is de-initializer and how it is written in Swift?

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Mention what are the collection types available in Swift?

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List out what are the control transfer statements used in Swift?

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Explain what is optional chaining?

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How base-class is defined in Swift?

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Explain what Lazy stored properties is and when it is useful?

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Mention what is the characteristics of Switch in Swift?

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What is difference between 'let' and 'var' declaration ?

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What is Initialization ?

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In Swift How to connect UI under Swift Environment ?

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what is your preferred programming language? Why? How long will it take you to learn a new programming language?


Do you know will Microsoft ship a panorama control with the run-time?


Explain what is the stack of autorelease pools. How autorelease pool work under the hood?


what is the procedure of using D2MS server in cloud messaging in android


What is the methods for unzip file in AFNetworking


How to fix tableviewcell dequeue issue ?


Describe android Activities in brief.


DB updation when app new version comes ?


Describe the SmsManager class in android.


What does Ubuntu mean?


The last callback in the lifecycle of an activity is onDestroy(). The system calls this method on your activity as the final signal that your activity instance is being completely removed from the system memory. Usually, the system will call onPause() and onStop() before calling onDestroy(). Describe a scenario, though, where onPause() and onStop() would not be invoked.


Find the letter count in UItextfield? Including first character?


How to do upload of large sized video file to server ? while uploading user presses “Homebutton” How long will execute?


How do we do compliance for Ubuntu?


Explain how an autorelease pool works at the runtime level