Mobile OS Interview Questions
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 What is implicit intent in android?

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What is explicit intent in android?

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How to call another activity in android?

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What is service in android?

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What is the name of database used in android?

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What is AAPT?

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What is content provider?

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 What is fragment?

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What is ADB?

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 What is NDK?

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What is ANR?

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There are four Java classes related to the use of sensors on the Android platform. List them and explain the purpose of each.

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What is DDMS? Describe some of its capabilities.

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If the Activity is showing an animation that indicates some kind of progress, what issue might you encounter and how could you address it?


What is a ContentProvider and what is it typically used for?


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Explain what is the stack of autorelease pools. How autorelease pool work under the hood?


Can Ubuntu be integrated with Microsoft infrastructure?


Difference between iOS 3 , iOS4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 8 (What are the new features)


What is the methods for unzip file in AFNetworking


The last callback in the lifecycle of an activity is onDestroy(). The system calls this method on your activity as the final signal that your activity instance is being completely removed from the system memory. Usually, the system will call onPause() and onStop() before calling onDestroy(). Describe a scenario, though, where onPause() and onStop() would not be invoked.


What is a ContentProvider and what is it typically used for?


Do you know will Microsoft ship a panorama control with the run-time?


Describe android Activities in brief.


Can you use an Intent to provide data to a ContentProvider? If not, what would be the proper mechanism for doing this?


Find the letter count in UItextfield? Including first character?


How to get the geolocation data on a picture?


How do I train as an Ubuntu system administrator?


DB updation when app new version comes ?


How you can use built-in Messaging within your application?


What happens when you invoke a method on a nil pointer?