Mobile OS Interview Questions
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What are the organizer advantages of BlackBerry technology?

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What are the SMS advantages of BlackBerry technology?

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What are the instant messaging advantages of BlackBerry technology?

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What are the paging advantages of BlackBerry technology?

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Tell us what you know about BlackBerry Tablet OS?

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Where should we save our app data to on the Playbook?

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How to lock screen orientation to landscape mode?

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Will MouseEvents trigger from a touch?

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How to access the GPS/Camera/Accelerometor on the simulator?

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What size should an apps icon be?

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How to test an orientation change on the simulator?

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How to navigate between screens in an app?

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What is android?

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Describe the APK format.

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What is .apk extension?

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When dealing with property declarations, what is the difference between atomic and non-atomic?


Explain in brief about the important file and folder when you create new android application.


Difference between iOS 3 , iOS4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7 and iOS 8 (What are the new features)


How to convert MVC design pattern to MVVM design patterns


Why is Ubuntu the most popular operating system for cloud? 


In mapKit frame work, how to get current user location


Explain about AFNetworking. What is the base class used in AFNetworking library


DB updation when app new version comes ?


The last callback in the lifecycle of an activity is onDestroy(). The system calls this method on your activity as the final signal that your activity instance is being completely removed from the system memory. Usually, the system will call onPause() and onStop() before calling onDestroy(). Describe a scenario, though, where onPause() and onStop() would not be invoked.


Difference b/w collectionView & uitableview?


How do we do compliance for Ubuntu?


Explain @synchronized ,@dynamic


Explain application states


How to get the geolocation data on a picture?


Describe the SmsManager class in android.