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ISTQB Certification Interview Questions
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Hi, I want to take ISTQB Certification in the month of August. SO can any one mail me dump Questions and the required information to take the Exam. I dont anything about it.. Please do mail me @


Is Alpha test and Beta test a pre-delivery or post-delivery activity?

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I'm planning on taking tthe ISTQB Foundation Level in this AUGUST 08, CHENNAI.. Anyone from chennai preparing for the same?. Would like to share the thoughts,materials, preparation, etc.. please feel free to drop me a couple of lines --- jammerstar (at)yahoo(dot)com


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Hi friends!this is yuva..I want to prepare for ISTQB Exams.I need materials and details, Sample Questions every thing..plz help me friends...send uuuuuuuuuuu

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I am having 1.5 year of exp,I want to do ISTQB Certification,How much time required for the preparation ? 1month/2 month or ....?

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How should I prepare for ISTQB Foundation level Exam?What should I do as I am not having any idea about it?

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Which Certification is best among CSTE,CSTP,CATe,ISEB,ISTQB,CBTS,CSQE,CSQA AND CQIA?

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hi..I am from ahmedabad and i want to take ISTQB this December.So pls tell me which book i should refer and sample papers?How much time i need to prepare for it?Those who have material pls help me out and mail me at , And those who are from Ahmedabad and have taken this exam ,i vl like to share your knowledge. Thanks in Advance to all of you.. Tejashree

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Hi all, Can u people explain about structure of ISTQB Certification.what is pattern,how many marks ,time period of the istqb.U people have any idea about this plz help me?


Please send me the materials for ISTQB certification. My email ID is Thanks in advance.

GE, Star,

21 15910 also planning to write will be grate if somebosy shares the material...thank you....



could anybody provide me the name of ISTQB certification (foundation) book which is in brief cover all topics or please provide me questions & answers of previous ISTQB papers.


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I am preparing for ISTQB,can any one send the sample question papers to my mail id.My id is


Hi All, i am preparing for ISTQB foundation Level anybody having the study materials and sample papers may plz mail it to my id Thanks in Advance


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hi,I m preparing for istqb this month.I am getting difficulty to understand questions regarding statement coverage and branch coverage .can anybody help me to how to calculate statement coverage and branch coverage. Could anyone provide me questions on statement coverage and branch coverage and there solutions and also how to solve it?please do reply ASAP. Also could you provide me some dumb papers related to exam?


Hi Everybody, I am planning to write the ISTQB certification in Toronto. Can any one send the ISTQB foundation level book for 2013 exam?


Hi Friends, i am planning to give ISTQB Foundation level exam this month (20th September 2010),can anyone please send me the Dumps to my id?? "Thanks in Adavance"


Given the Following program IF X < Y THEN Statement 1; ELSE IF Y >= Z THEN Statement 2; END McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity is :


hi all.... i have finished my testing course recently. i am planning to give an exam in istqb. can i get a good job in a good company after my certification exam finishes?


Hi Friends, Do any one has ISTQB Foundation level dumps i am planning to give next month ( OCT, 2010 )Toronto,Canada. Please share with me on my E-Mail address: Thanks in Adavance


provide the best institute details in pune, which takes ISTQB preparation as well as exams to clear certification. send it on my mail id


Is istqb is good certification is that job compulsory


Can anybody send me the dumps of ISQTB Exam. My Emal ID is


hi friends myself Naren,newly joined to this form i preparing for ISTQB certification can anybody help me on study material and sample question papers.......My email id is Looking forward for your replies..... Thank u all in advance.....


Hi Friends, I planning to write my ISTQB Foundation level exam in August 30,2010.. Any one please send the Dumps for me.... My email-id is: Thanks in advance..


Hi, Could anybody help me,by providing the ISTQB foundation level, materials or questions papers and patterns. What should I focus on..also plz tell me that how to prepare for this exam.. any reference books.. as i want to prepare it myself..plz reply.. my email-id is or on Thanks all in advance