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Star Interview Questions
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Is Bank Reconciliation Statement is compulsory prepared? Even when both cash & Bank Book are tally?

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Which company uses the adline, ?Knowing is everything?? 1 BBC World 2 Star 3 Sony 4 Zee

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Tell me exactly three qualities that a HR Executive should have?

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Please send me the materials for ISTQB certification. My email ID is Thanks in advance.

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send me for all banking exam questions and answers

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What is the meaning of "ROC"? pls give detail information regarding ROC procedure.

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In a star-star connected h.t transformer why we use NGR on the secondary (l.t)side.

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how do we calculate the quantity cement,sand, & aggregate for M20,M15 for 10cum.

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what are the passive two-wire elements?


one bank account transaction example ebanking raj medical 500000 dr. second bank account ebanking raj medical 500000 cr what is the entry in tally erp can it is contra contry or not please explain


Give Any three special cases of computation of capital Gain U/s 45(1A) to 45(6)?


What exactly is derivatives segment. can u explain futures and options with examples...


I'm having problem how to know if certain SD Doc has been paid already. i had already viewed BKPF/BSEG/BSAD/BSID/BSAK/BSIK. I'm a novice ABAPER and when the requesting dept want a report, they just show the layout without proper functional specs. Co'z they dont also know where/what field. Can somebody give a hint or overview which tables links or any flagging fields that triggers a certain DR#(Billing Docs) has already been paid? Hope you can forgive me on this matter. We dont have any training/seminars bout SAP modules. We only take ABAP using SAP script only. I learned ALV through my self-study. Thanks in advance.


Does any body has ORACLE Certification Dumps or Materials on 9i DBA, 10G DBA, Internet Application Developer, OCP 8i to 10g DBA Upgrade, Oracle 11i if any body have it, please kindly drop an email to:


write program which accept information about 5 student & display same information according to ascending order of their name??


what types of testing have u done in ur project?and expalin it detail?


What are the procedures for remitting WCT?


tell about a type when u had to use ur presentation skill to influence someone's.


How to Keep an application in a minimized state?


a program using one dimensional array that searches a number if it is found on the list of given input numbers given by the user and locate its exact location in the list.


Can you pl explain the procedure steps of singly and doubly reinforced beams in limit state method


What is the Difference between MVC And MVP design pattrens


PostgreSql Disadvantages


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