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SSC AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi friends, on the basis of CGLE 2010, nominations made by the SSC and subsequently, CBDT and CBEC have called for region-wise allocation from selected candidates. Since I am a selected candidate for Tax Assistant, when can I expect my appointment letter from concerned department? Can anyone help me?


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would someone please tell me the exact hierarchy of the posts in ssc advertised in ssc combined graduate level exam 2011 from upper post to the lower post


when the assistants selected in CSS cadre in CGL test 2010 will get appointment letter.Final result came out on jan 7,2011.


What is the starting gross monthly salary of an Assistant in CSS with pay scale 9300-34800 and grade pay 4600.

Central Secretariat Service,

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i am selected for tax assit in CBDT CGLE-2010. I am presently working in bank as assistant. which one has better career prospect.

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can any one tell that when will the candidates selected in cgl 2010 for the post of assistant in IB be posted????


is that any sectional cutof in cgl 2011 tier-1? wereas there is no sectional cutof in cgl 2010 tier 1.

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When will be the final result of the SSC CHSL 2010 for DEO and LDC be declared. I finished both the Data Entry test and the Type test for LDC in the given time but there were some mistakes. What are my chances of being selected.


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can anyone suggest or send me practice papers for SSC CGL 2011 (NEW PATTERN).


Does accomodation is provided for tax assistant in cbdt and what are facilities other than salaries such as medical,leave fair concession etc?My all india rank in cgle 2010 is 184 and 31 in wb may I expect joining in wb or have to sacrifice my state and if so then is there any scope for transfer.Kindly reply.

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I am qualified as tax assistant in cbdt with all India rank 184 and west bengal rank 31 through cgle 2010.Now may I get my posting in westbengal or I have to sacrifice my state? What type of job it is?What is the salary inhand?Kindly reply sir.Thanks .

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The nomination of tax assistant in cbdt has done by SSC(ER) more than 2 months.Now when we can expect our joining letter?Wheather all the regions nomination will be taken into consideration at once or joining may be done of the nominated candidates before the candidates not nominated yet.


Why all candidates of SAS Apprentice in CGDA Exam 2010 didn't got zone allocation ???


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Kindly reply whether May I get my posting of tax assistant in cbdt in wb as my wb rank is 31 and all india rank is 184? When may I expect joining?I am selected on the basis of cgle 2010.Thanks in advance.


I want to know also what are the promotion scope of tax assistant in cbdt?Wheater there is any scope of promotion on seniority basis or through departmental exam only. Please provide the promotion table of this post.

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what motivates you to do your best on the job ??


Sir/Hi all, I am selected in cgl 2010 for assistant in CSS. I want to know the joining date of this? My address has changed so I am not sure whether any communication has come from DoPT or not. Please tell me the date or the procedure to contact the concerned office. Thanks


do anybody has any information regarding the joining of sas apprentices in when the joining letter is expected to come


Friends I am selected in cag kolkata as deo anybody from patna cag wants to mutual transfer kindly 7870408565


I am a tax assistant in cbec department. My junior has given dept.exam promotion for sr. Ta. But meanwhile our Adm.officer not sent our names for dept.exam. Now what happened if promtion they got.and we not got.


when the assistants selected in CSS cadre in CGL test 2010 will get appointment letter.Final result came out on jan 7,2011.


how you organize a debate or arrange a seminar ??


Can someone please tell me about the work of central secretariat services ? What are the positive and negative features of this job as compared to others?


what is the formula of turbine speed ?


what should be the strategy in ssc cgl tier-11 to get maximum marks specially in mathematics


A sc candidate,rank 1737 out of 1895 total seats,scoring 273.75 can get Auditor or Any accountant post in ssc cgl 2011. I have given all states. Plzzz answer authentically. Plzz




what type of questions do come in cop sub inspector's interview


Which group exam i have to write to be a officer in commercial tax department. i have finished my Statistics , i am qualified to become a commercial tax officer ?...


tell me about your ability to work under pressure ??