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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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what is slr, crr, bank rate, repo rate, reverse repo rate?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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whether NOC is required for private sector employee?

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hi frnds my interview is on 30 april please suggest me? what is the full name of RBI governer?

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Hey anybody having interview in Chandigarh circle..Plz post their questions and experiences in Interview..... Thanx In advance......



i m having in tervies on 3rd may i wanna ask that 12th character certificate will do or do i need the last lg attended. also plz tell me the justification regarding the fact that i have done mba

State Bank Of India SBI,

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I am Nithya, attended SBI Interview on 28.04.2010. I am a Banking Student. Questions arised for me are as below: 1. Which is the Biggest Peninsular Country? 2. What is Negotiable Instruments Act? 3. What is Bill of Exchange? 4. Economic Development of a Country is based on what? 5. Is India a Developed Country? 6. Is China a Developed Country? 7. Name any under Developed Countries? 8. What is the difference between Oceans & Seas? 9. How many Continents are in the World? 10. How many Oceans are there in the World? 11. What is a Peninsula? Gulf? Bay? 12. Biggest Country in the World? 13. Biggest Continent in the World? 14. Name any 2 Seas one from East and one from West of India? 15. How many marks you have scored in Maths in your S.S.L.C.? 16. Why didn't you study after what you have completed?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Is SEO(Special Executive Officer) a Gazzeted officer?

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Hi dis is sriguru n i had cleared obc clerical 2010 .wt should i wan 2 prepare for interview? wt r the definations of repo,reverse repo, crr,slr,monetary policy n other banking terms


i have interview on 6th may,i hav character certificate from my school only,i could not manage to collect the certificate from my last college,i m a graduate,will there be a problem?plz suggest........

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i am having sbi interview. what type of preparation should i do?

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Is there anybody from Rajkot-Gujarat???Pl.share your experience and ideas about interview. Thans in advance. Kajal


hi,please help me..i have sbi clerical interview on 3rd may.iam confused abt biodata cum attestation form..we need attest the original form which sbi send to us...after attestation we hae to take 3 copies or we have to attest only on xerox copy of the form after filling(not on original)

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current affair related questions wid answers also,,if any body know ,,,,which may b asked in sbi interview???????

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i really dnt hav any specific hobby,,,so can i leav dat entry blank in my form,,if they will ask me abt y i dnt hav any hobby,then can i answer dat---sir,i dnt hav any specific hobbyy,,bt i m ken 2 do any kind of functions dat r assigned 2 me??????

State Bank Of India SBI,


what questions they can ask me from my subjects i interview as i had maths during 10+2 and computer science during graduation?????? my sbi clerical grade interview is on 3 may,,so plz do reply fast

State Bank Of India SBI,


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Hi friends, I m Esha Tongya and i hav been shortlisted for SBI Clerical exam. I am a bio postgraduate and would this make a difference in my interview? what can be the interview questions for me and how can i best answer them? pls revert me back with the best reply possible on my mail id Pls hurry....


Hai friends, I am an exserviceman. What are certificates are required to carry to Interview Board on the day of SBI clerical Interview? Please let me know anybody.


If appointed as a clerk in SBI associated How many years at once will the transfer take place . If I am not interested in a transfer will they accept


hi, friends. I have cleared Corporation Bank clerk interview. Now waiting for appointment. Is there anybody who have got his appointment? when will be the appointment?


why u would like to be a part of s .b .i


hi,what computer questions ther r asking for MCA students as iam having more than 5 yrs gap?


Anybody who wud hv applied for Vijaya Bank Probationary clerical exam, did receive the Hall ticket?? The written exam is on 7th Feb right????




Is there any specific reason for choosing the Banking Industry?


if you got not selected than what you do next?


what is the function of a clerk in bank?


why i am going to hire you?


reserve bank policy


Hi, this is Prasad MBA Graduate from Osmania University. MY question is how do you serve to our organization as a mba graduate. u can send answers regarding this to my mail id Thank you


when SBI declare its associate banks 6113 clerks posts final results?