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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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Who will issue currency notes?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Who will issue one rupee notes?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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What are the functions of RBI?

RBI, State Bank Of India SBI,

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When does a state bank day celebrated?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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What is American express?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Who were the competitors of SBI?

State Bank Of India SBI,


What are share and a debenture?

State Bank Of India SBI,


What is pledge, chart, lean, hypothecations?

State Bank Of India SBI,


Who is the owner of SBI at present with what percentage of shares?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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I have selected for indian bank clerical interview? may i know what are the questions that can be asked?


hi friends,any idea or guesses about, when bank of india is going to declare clerical written test result ? Kindly share information and interact each other in this forum.

Bank Of India,

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Any one plz explain dat what is the rule to find out conclusion from venn diagram? plz inform me my ID is


Pls send me the SBI bank clerical question papers with answers from last 5years

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Has any one attended Indian Bank Clerical Interview, Share your experience..

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Hi,there,this is amber goel ,i have register in sbi for the post of clerical & written test will being held on dated 08-11-2009,this is my second chance,so i want to favour from your side for some general knowledge questions which help to me for cleared the written test for sbi and so feel free write to me on to me,pls hurry,i may lost this chance also.


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Why less people are applying in govt jobs


Hi all, While I'm applying for the written exam wrongly I gave as general and later I came to know bef the interview tht I'm BC:(..I got proper singatures at the back of the call letter..but while interviewing me they dint consder tht.Will it be a negative for me during the selection and under which category i'll be considered Can any one guide me regarding this.


Guys ,Please tell me the coaching center names in Ameerpet or hyderabad...I believe who are selected in SBI they have taken coaching somewhere.(Without Hard work we won't get).. Thanks in Advance...


When will be the result of State Bank Of India Associate Clerical Exam held in January this year is likely to get announce? If any idea please share the information here.


how many associates bank of sbi and subsidiaries bank of sbi? what are those ?this is important for interview......they ask me this question


why u would like to be a part of s .b .i




hi. i got shortlisted for interview in bank of india clerical exam.So pls tell me what questions are asked in the interview?


what do you mean by globalisation?


hii.. m selected in State bank of Patiala..want to know the duration of training n whr does it takes place??n hw r v given the station for joining... wht is appx many qs goin around in my head..Help!!


Sbi Clerk interview 2010 28th april ,panel three, Hi I am dhanya from kerala PG in Microbiology, i had my interview yesterday: The panel Was friendly, Questions asked where. 1,historic importance of my district 2.what is my idea about banking 3.what do i know about sbi 2nd member 1.about my subject what is microbiology 2.difference b/w virus and bactereria 3. iwas working as teacher,so he asked why do i consider to opt for banking than teaching? 4.Hobby related: i had mentioned gardenoing of vegetables in my hobbies ,he mentioned it and then he asked the relevence of a particular town in my locality. see ing the link was eith my hobby itried a guess answer but that was right(FRIENDS SO JUST KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN FOR THE CLUES ,SOMETIMES THIS MAY HELP YOU IN ANSWERING SOME QUESTIONS otherwise do not go for guess work) 3rd member :(lady) 1.the mythology behind my the name of home town 2.The bacteria which was used to clear oil spills 3.the Pz of bangladesh(READ THAT DAYS' NEWSPAPERA THIS MAY COME IN HANDY) 4.tHE LARGEST RESERVE OF THORIUM( FOR THESE TWO I COULDN'T ANSWER , SO I SAID SORRY MAM , ICANT RECOLLECT IT AT THE MOMENT) 5.RECENTLY SOME ORGANISM WAS INTORDUCED TO COMBACT THE ATTACK OF BEETLE WHAT WAS IT S NAME (FOR THESE TWO I COULDN'T ANSWER , SO I SAID SORRY MAM , ICANT RECOLLECT IT AT THE MOMENT)


hi friends, I am sathish. i have cleared the sbi clerical written exam. Now i have to attend the interview. Can anybody suggest how to face the interview and what type of questions they will ask in the interview. Please do mail me regarding this to my mail id With regards, Sathish K


I am working with a co-operative bank as a Trainee Officer and I am on probation. I am selected for SBI interview. Will I need to submit NOC. If I ask for NOC it can be a negative effect towards my existing employer. If I am not selected in SBI there are chances I cann loose my job here also


Hello All, Could any body who had passed his final interview in SBI guide me what sort of questions they use to ask after clearing written exam. Thanks.


i have selected for clericle iview in sbi.but i missed my application reg there any possible way to get it.