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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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Hai everyone, Is there any SBM colleagues... What is the progress for our appointment.. SBH had received letter for medical test... Waat about others? Wat about SBM? iam very much tensed,... would anyone help me please.... Iam selected for SBM tamilnadu...

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Do anyone from Uttarakhand selected in Bank of Baroda got any mail or appointment letter upto yet. Please reply on my mail id (

Bank of Baroda,

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hey i heard that sbh has sent letter 2 its selected candidates. congrates guys but can u tell me wether they hve mentioned the place of posting in the letter?


Hi every body can any body clear one of my doubt. in advertisement they mentioned only 800 posts for andhra pradesh and Total ( including other states) it is 1200. but in sbh website it is published for 1270 for andhra pradesh.and the candidates of other states who selected for SBH other states like maharastra is in not available in that list. Hear is my doubt about 470 ( 1270-800).Also we unable to know who are in within 800 list and who are above 800 list. i hope everybody understand my qustion.i am in tenson .please help me....

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Please Help. I am selected for clerical staff in three banks. 1> Dena bank, 2> corporation bank, 3> State bank of patiala (SBP). Now I am confused about to join which bank? Whwther I have to select the bank according to the place of posting? And If I join one bank and then later decided to go 4 other bank then is it possible to leave the bank only within the week of joining? Please help me urgent. Thanks in advence.

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hi im dng graduation and now i want to go for bank clerk i want to know the syllabus of bank clerk ! more importantly i want the syllabus of general awareness in detail....plzzz tell me the syllabus of G.S. in detail only of bank clerk


any information regarding state bank of patiyala medical is on net or not?


Hi Friends Iam praveen and i have been selected for the interview of clerk in apgvb bank, but there is one problem that the bank has asked to submit DOMICILE CERTIFICATE.Do any one of u know how to get it nd where to get it if so pls give me information ASAP.


Hai iam Manjula,i got selected for SBM, Tamilnadu... Is there anyone selected For SBM.. if so please say when we get the orders.. I dont know what to do and where to get information regarding this.. So please help me... If any one knows any information just add please.. MY id is

Associated Bank,

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congratulations to al selectd for clerical post in SBIassociated banks.. i hav ben selectd for sbp. ihav nt get any further information about appointment..coulz u plz tel me hw we r goin to get our wud b our choice?n sumone told me that in dis job we r nt goin 2 get any pension aftr it true??

State Bank Of India SBI,


Hai Friends Good NEws for those who are not selected in SBI Associate Banks . New Recritmetn Adv. for 11000 clerks is on SBI.CO.In So Hurry

Bank of Baroda, State Bank Of India SBI,

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friends I have been selected for SBoP himachal pradesh, Has anybody received appointment letter? plz reply?


hello i hv cleared the allahbad bank interview by god's grace congrats to those who hv cleared the same if anyone got the appointmentletter, plz do send me a mail at


I have selected in sbh but since last month iam not geting further information than the final list. if anyone of you got the new information of any kind please shre with me my email id is & my roll no. is 3720519945.

State Bank Of India SBI,


can anyone tell me,when willl be result of canara bank (clerical)declared?????

Canara Bank, State Bank Of India SBI,

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Is that true that sbi will not select carrying women.pls give reply


I am an engineering graduate and working with a pay of 15k in hyd . I got a job in associated bank in sbi as a clerk . I am totally confused in choosing Bank or my same job . please suggest me with including the scope and faults in SBI


hi...I hav cleared SBI Clerical interview is on 4th february 2013 I HAVE OBC CERTIFICATE of the 2011 year..but in the call letter they asked for the 2012...what should I do? ??


i passed my graduation in 2010,and i have character certificate issued by principal at that it enough for sbi clerical interview.i have another one issued by a gazatted officer too


hi I have done Btech..currently working in IT clerical job or MNC job is better to do ....


You are just 33 why do you left your job in early age


is the application print out is necessary in ibps interview process


i am in waitlisted list which is released by karnataka bank.Can any one tell what it sense.whether it is confirm job r optional.plz forward if any one know abt this


hi...i jst wana know that appx. what percentage of marks(not asking about bank s minimum reqiurements) do we require to clear in the bank written clerical test?


concept of nationalization of banks ?


hi myself gaurav sharma and my interview is on 30th april 2010 in delhi plz send me everything you know about interview questions. my email is




Hii !! Friends I wanna know that when is Union Bank Clerical exam held on 10-01-2010 is likely to be coming??? If any information then please do share...


Am MBA in Finance can anyboby give me suggestions abt the questions on my specialization which i can expect in SBI interview


reserve bank policy