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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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hi guys...can anyone tell me when did the result of SBI Clerical Interview will be declared? if anyone knows kindly give reply...

State Bank Of India SBI,

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MY QUESTION ????? I have written SBI Clerk exam on july 13th 2008 & got selected. During medical test(done during December 2008), they have ?s on my medical fitness & put my appointment on hold. Am still waiting(its been six months) for the response from crpd sbi regarding my joining? I found this forum useful after seeing lots of views on the similar subject. Friends - now,please help me know how many days/months/years more they take to decide on my career in sbi. When i call the concerned local head, they ask me to wait for the reply from crpd,mumbai - they donot have concrete answer or much to say about the issue. Any suggestions/views are very much appreciated. AM SICK OF WAITING & confused at the moment. Thanks :)

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Any news regarding sbi clerical result?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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hello friends!I completed SBI asstes clerk intrvw on 25th may.I think i might have got less marks in written test.because I have written without any coaching.but I done the interview to the best I can.I am a Btech graduate.2008 passed out.Is there any possibility that i can be selected? I got any info that.IF A PERSON DONE THE WRITTEN TEST WELL,HE WILL BE SELECTED.i there any possibility that i can be selected?

Indian Overseas Bank, State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi friends..i done the SBI ASSociates clerk interview in hyd for doubt is...900 posts present in it and is those all posts for OC or other reservations also included in it? means(BC,SC..etc., also included in it)how many posts for open category? what is the process?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi guys..wen did the sbi clerical interview result is declaring?? any one is having any idea..

State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi..dis is abir I have my allahabad bank interview on 4th july in bhopal.. Is there any1 who has allahabad bank bhopal..plz contact id is my no. Is 099817142461

Allahabad Bank,


I attended the sbi clerk interview on 28-5-09. When will be the results declared?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi there anyone who got selected for canara bank probationary clerk exam from bangalore?? if anybody is there plz reply..

State Bank Of India SBI,

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When will be the sbi clerical interview results expected which held during last week of may 2009

State Bank Of India SBI,

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have been called for the interview of allahabad bank on 04.7.2009 at Bhopal .Is there anyone who is called for the same bank and same centre and also tell me which type of quetion in interview ,I am PG in MCA . u can mail me at

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The nail is sinking in water. But Ship is floating on water. What is the reason for that

State Bank Of India SBI,


Laws of floating

State Bank Of India SBI,


Express different insurance schemes

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In Red Cross is symbolized as 'Red Cross'. In Arabian coutries which is symbolized by ............

Bharat, Indian Overseas Bank,

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Hi dis is sriguru from andhra pradesh and i hav cleared d obc clerical exam 2010. still i hav not yet get the mailr letter regarding the interview details.wen will dey send . And pls tell wt r the questions asked in interview in obc?


what do you mean by fiscal policy?


hi ........ i have been selected for syndicate bank interview on 8th oct ,this is my first interview... so can any one suggest me few tips plz........


please free to call me 9681060233 .and give ur valuable opinion about interview of sbi.please


what questions they can ask me from my subjects i interview as i had maths during 10+2 and computer science during graduation?????? my sbi clerical grade interview is on 3 may,,so plz do reply fast


Hi, I am selected for sbi clerk interview. Basically i am B.Sc (computer Science) Student. So, can anybody know which questions will be asked on my science graduate. Please e- mail me


does any body hav an idea about the actual date when the sbi will finally declare the result for clerical cadre??????????


pls answer the below mentioned questions as soon as possible ... this is for clerical interview SBI * what are the business undertaken by a bank ? *present share value of SBI?? *max and min share values of SBI??? *what is liquidity ?? *what is excise duty?? *challenges which banks have to face in future ???


what is the criteria for sbi clerical 2009 interview dates will be sechduled


Hey anybody having interview in Chandigarh circle..Plz post their questions and experiences in Interview..... Thanx In advance......


I had completed my sbi clerical interview...... do anyone know on wat basis the interview held? it on merit order or category or roll number....when will be the final result announced and what is the last date for interview schedule?


Hi all, While I'm applying for the written exam wrongly I gave as general and later I came to know bef the interview tht I'm BC:(..I got proper singatures at the back of the call letter..but while interviewing me they dint consder tht.Will it be a negative for me during the selection and under which category i'll be considered Can any one guide me regarding this.


hie! i recently cleared my bannk of india clerical exam. can anyone pls tell me about interview questions and how to conduct myself there


Hi friends, I m Esha Tongya and i hav been shortlisted for SBI Clerical exam. I am a bio postgraduate and would this make a difference in my interview? what can be the interview questions for me and how can i best answer them? pls revert me back with the best reply possible on my mail id Pls hurry....


i have done in biochemistry plz tell me what type of question asked by board members of bank in my interview?