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BSRB Clerical Interview Questions
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hi frnds i m neha i have dn mca my sbi int is on 20 oct plz tell me being a comp. studnt wht ques could be asked 4 digit no on cal lettr is rank is this rank is all india wise or cicle wise or state wise i got 2990 plz frnds reply soon waiting for ur reply good night

State Bank Of India SBI,

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State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi guys iam sonu, i qualified for clerical exam and got interview call it i have doubt. in the call letter there 3 numbers - one is roll number 2nd is reference number and what is that 3rd number below ref right top of the letter.plzzzzzzzzzzz can any one answer me.............

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friends guide me state bank of india- interview I have one doubt in BIO-DATA-CUM-ATTESTATION FORM. In first page, top right corner, i have pasted my photo. There gazetted officer (who signs in IDENTITY CERTIFICATE), has signed and put his seal in that photo. Is it a error or not?(self attesation is needed there?) I request you to clear my doubt.

State Bank Of India SBI,

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who is a mentor? what is the toughest article in the earth?

State Bank Of India SBI,


what r the qualities of marketing? what r the marketing styles?

State Bank Of India SBI,


who is the prime minister of pakistan?

State Bank Of India SBI,

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how is marketing useful to banking sector?

IBPS, State Bank Of India SBI,

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significance of ur place

Union Bank,

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Hi to all, I have attended SBI clerks Interview on 20th Oct.Interview was very easy.They asked simple questions about my qualifications and Job. Can anyone tell me when will be the Final result of SBI be declared.

State Bank Of India SBI,

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hi guys, can any one tell me when r the results of sbi clerical going to come? how many have been called for interview in andhra pradesh? how many centers were there for interview in andhra pradesh? i heard that result will be mainly on our written exam? in my interview , out of 15 questions i answered it ok..... plz can any one answer me..........

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Hi this is jagadviditha....i have interview on 25- oct....feeling very tensed plzz tell me which type of questions they r asking?

State Bank Of India SBI,


hi neha this is siraj from delhi could u provide me more info abt increment of posts and also abt date of result out of sbi clerical

State Bank Of India SBI,

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Any one can tell me thatwhen will the results of selection declared for Stata Bank of India.My EMAIL ID is send me some reasonable answer


Please alert me about bank clerical post. How can I know that very esily?


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hi..this is to prepare for sbi interview..?iam qute nervous person.iam not well in english..pls help me..


hiiii....i m selected 4 interview in SBI CLERICAL.i m completed my graduation with commerce.plzz reply me that which type of questions they asked related to commerce....


why banking field is better than other field in government sector................reply fast


do anyone know about the pay scale for clerical post in Federal bank..


please provid your interview experience and question they asked on 26th and 28th april 2010


what questions they can ask me from my subjects i interview as i had maths during 10+2 and computer science during graduation?????? my sbi clerical grade interview is on 3 may,,so plz do reply fast


My question is to them those who have passed the interview of state bank of india which was held in oct 2008. I want to know after how many days the result declare and what was the procedure then after?


i finished my interview on 8th may....... they asked me these questions...... 1)tell me abt urself(I andwered for 2 mins) 2)difference between 2g and 3g(3g is faster than 2g)i forgot to answer that 3g has more bandwidth and it is circuit switched network 3)what is the uniqueness of 500 rupees note (that circle at corner for blind people , wen in light the colour of 500 changes) 4)what is the technology of atm(i dont know) 5)what are the different types of deposits(Recurring and fixed deposits) 6)what is recent hockey tournament going on(this also i dont know) 7)who is leading in recent world chess championship(anand wen i saw but later i dont know who was leading) 8)who is topper in recent IAS exams?(i didnt answer) 9)what u consider as ur life time achievement? the panel was very no tension...... ALL THE BEST for the rest........


What is the Gross Salary and net salary of newly appointed SBI clerk in 2010 after the pay revision?




I have to get character certificate for sbi interview. In that, there is a statement - I have known this person for ____ years and _____ months. What is the minimum year it should be? Is 1 year also acceptable??


who will conducting the LIC ADO EXAM? IBPS OR LIC OWN?


Can anybody give the ans for this questions it will be helpful for the interview, what are the challanges for banks in future as how to compete with public banks? how to fight with inflation? how to maintain the eco. growth in respect of SEBI & RBI regulations?.


hi friends, I am sathish. i have cleared the sbi clerical written exam. Now i have to attend the interview. Can anybody suggest how to face the interview and what type of questions they will ask in the interview. Please do mail me regarding this to my mail id With regards, Sathish K


hi,what computer questions ther r asking for MCA students as iam having more than 5 yrs gap?