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SSC General Studies Interview Questions
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The Strait separating India and Sri Lanka is (a) Harmaj Strait (b) Malacca Strait (c) Palk Strait (d) Berring Strait


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Which planet is farthest from the Sun? (a) Mercury (b) Neptune (c) Pluto (d) Venus

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Which of the following is a rabi crop? (a) Rice (b) Wheat (c) Jawar-Bajra (d) None of the above

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In India, an active volcano is situated at (a) Lakshadweep (b) Andaman and Nicobar (c) Malawa Plateau (d) Chotanagpur Plateau

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Capital of which of the following states of India is not situated on the banks of a river ? (a) Bihar (b) Jammu & Kashmir (c) UP (d) Madhya Pradesh

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Sariska Tiger Park is situated in (a) UP (b) Rajasthan (c) Gujarat (d) Madhya Pradesh

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Chilka Lake is situated in (a) Bihar (b) Maharashtra (c) Orissa (d) West Bengal

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Which of the following ports of India is on the eastern coast? (a) Cochin (b) Tuticorin (c) Kandla (d) Mumbai

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Which of the following regions receives rainfall throughout the year? (a) Polar region (b) Antarctic region (c) Mediterranean region (d) None of these

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In which of the following types of rocks, fossils are found? (a) Metamorphic rock (b) Sedimentary rock (c) Igneous rock (d) None of the above

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A missile when projected into the air follows (a) An elliptical path (b) A straight line path (c) A parabolic path (d) A hyperbolic path

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Water is not effective in extinguishing a fire caused by petrol because (a) The flame is too hot for water to cool it down (b) Water and petrol react chemically (c) Water and petrol are miscibile with each other (d) Water and petrol are immiscible with each other. Petrol forms the upper layer and continues to burn

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The richest source of protein is (a) Soyabean (b) Meat (c) Milk (d) Eggs

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Sound waves cannot travel through (a) Water (b) Steel (c) Vacuum (d) Air

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Black soil is an ideal soil for (a) Wheat (b) Rice (c) Cotton (d) Millets

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i am appearing an examination of assistant inspector of excise and the matter of fact is, i have no clue. can anyone help me out with likely questions?????


Please send me last 5 year solved question papers of Canara Bank as well as Bank of Baroda to my e mail id


Can anybody tell me how to prepare for the interview of SSC Scientific assistants


Chola's local-government had assemblies of