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General Science Interview Questions
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why we can't make our living room as refrigerator?


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it is not advisable to sleep under a tree at night becouse trees release

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hai sir pls send me Appsc Assistant Statistical Officer(ASO) previous papers. And Apsrtc MST previous papers. Thanks you sir.


Which isotope of Uranium is capable of sustaining chain reaction ?

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Where Meson particles are found in ?

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atoms are composed of Electrons & Protons or Electrons & Protons ?

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plants in a food chain are actually the

Competitive Exams, Stenographer,

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methane is not present in


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Why Colours is Important in Our Daily Life???

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hai am ashok am studying degree 1st year.i want to write group 1 exams how i am started my preparation.which meterial is best for exam.what are the subjects have much time can i spend to study dialy to get it in first much money we need.for this exam degree qualification must to need .NCC c-certificate how use for this exam. what is the best coaching centre in hyd near to khairathabad.plz tell me


meron po bang minerals ang astoroids po ba?


is the big bang theory correct, because as I wondered the explosion is too powerful that no one could survive after galaxies were created no life exist on it after the 3.5 billion years life exist so... my question is were is the life came from?


what is the full form of facebook

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The disease that is caused by viral infection is

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why we are not measure the turbidity in mg/lit?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Science }

My friend has done the DMLT(Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology)Now she wants to do further education.What should she do? Please Guide which would be best for her


what are the advantages and disadvantages of empirical knowledge?


Which is the most famous comet?


Which was the international geo - physical year?


What was the code name given to the first explosion?


Which are known as non - luminous irregular nebulae?


Write two characteristics of Science.


Which are the important pulsating nebulae?


what is center of gravity?


Who invented telescope?


Where is the biggest solar telescope in india situated?


A man is travelling with the speed of 10m/min across the river to the opposite bank.The river water flows at the speed of 1m/s.Since the water flows at the speed higher than the boatsman, he would definitley reach the opposite river bank in a slant path.What is the length of the path he travelled?. The river is 10m wide. Please give me solution to tha above probelm. Thanks in advance


Terls was dedicated to u.n as an international institution?


what is CAPITA in accounts?


When was the first american rocket launched?