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General Chemistry Interview Questions
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Which is heavier, water or ice ?

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What is the chief commercial use of Phosphorus ?

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What is mortar /

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What is ignition point ?

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How is wood charcoal manufactured ?

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With what metal, chocolates, cigarettes etc. are wrapped ?

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What variety of carbon is used for refining purposes ?

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What is hydrogenation of oils ?

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What is oxy-hydrogen flame ?

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What is flash point ?

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Which gas is used in hospitals for the artificial respiration ?

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Which gas used for purifying, air in underground enterprises ?

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Which gas is used in bleaching powder.


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What is the use of nitrogen in air ?


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What is the difference between iron and steel ?

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Un-Answered Questions { General Chemistry }

What is polar hcl?


What is the resulting solution when benzene and toluene are mixed ?


What are the advantages of potentiometric titration?


What is fluidity of a liquid?


What is the chemical composition of fat in human body?


When a glass rod is heated gradually and suddenly dipped in cold water, it cracks. What is the reason?? When a cool glass rod is suddenly heated, it cracks. Why?


Why is ammonium hydroxide added to the brass solution?


why we shrink our body during cold


Explain substituted hydrocarbon?


What is protein - according to chemistry?


Explain how buffer works?


What is edta?


Does domestic/household used kerosene oil which is available in blue color (In India) can change its color over the due course of time say 8-10 years if keeping in plastic bottle? If so, in which color it will be turned to change, yellow or transparent or any other color. Please provide me the reply with strong technical approach. Since it has been asked during an interview. Please reply fast. I will be thankful to you if anyone can provide the supporting journals/write-ups/reference to favour of response.


Why is ph increases suddenly after the equivalence point?


What can you contribute to the company?