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Oracle Certifications Interview Questions
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Hi, I am planning to write OCP Certification (Oracle Functional) Here i need to complete 4 exams like 1Z0-200--Oracle eBusiness Fundamentals 1Z0-211--Oracle General Ledger Fundamentals (After this i need submitt Hands on Course form) 1Z0-212--Oracle Payable Fundamentals 1Z0-213--Oracle Receivable Fundamentals My question is what is Hands on course form and any training i need attendig? and when i have to attend between above exams?. Please suggest. Thanks

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SQL>select 'yakub' pasha from dual; (what is the output and how it happen)

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Can anyone plz let me know the output for this query? select 1 from dual minus select 'a' from dual;

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What is the default value of Boolean Operator? a.Null b.True c.False d.none of the above

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i would like to know oracle dba on 10g/11i certification fee structure ..for all exams please help me

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what is the meaning of this query Alter database force logging.

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what is row chaining and row migration?


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Hi. I wish to appear for OCA exam. Can anyone pls guide me on the syllabus n fee structure of the exam. I know that there are 2 tracks : developer and dba. What is the difference between the two? All suggestions are welcome. Thanks.

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HI, I have completed my and MBA and currently working in IT sector in HR Recruitment. i just want to do Oracle HRMS functional course. And is there is any study center in Coimbatore from where i can do this certification.


I am willing to go for General Ledger certification. Could any one guide me what are the prerequisites..? am i need to any exam before take this GL exam..?

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what is the exact syllabus for oracle certification level 1?


hai, i think to do certification in oracle 11i. Can any one help me regarding fee, duration , preparation, and how much it is use full for getting a good job.


Can you please send me the dups for the OCA certification?


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hello every one..I am preparing for OCA exam.can any body tell me where i can get the material.plez send me if u have material to


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sir plse tell me oracle 10g ocp certification material and previous papers send to me

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Can any one provide dumps for Oracle Fusion CRM certification (1Z1-456)


hai, i think to do certification in oracle 11i. Can any one help me regarding fee, duration , preparation, and how much it is use full for getting a good job.


I would like to know about Oracle Online Course certification (Finance)


hello friends. i m saravanan. my stream (B.Tech)Information Technology. i m seeking for job. now i plan to do informatica certification.. but this certification is only for experienced software professional. i m having no software experience. do u think is informatica certification is useful to my carrer..?? and pls explain which certification is better Oracle (Or) Informatica????? my mail id is mobile no is>> +91-9894060089


explain procedure of the OCJP cerification, and exam fee please explain


hi, i did ocp dba 9i in 2009 but not get job on oracle,now i want to continue my career as oracle dba what i do next .?


hi thiz is rahul i want to do my ocp certification can any one plz guide me with full details


Does any one have oracle dumps for this exam - 1Z0-147: Program with PL/SQL ?


How the text files in the operating system are accesed through UTL_FILE package, if the user have no access to operating system.


Hi, I am doing mba hr and having 4.4 yrs experience in marketing research and accounts payable together. Now i have 2 yrs of carrier break. Will it be advisable to do oracle hrms certification and grab new opportunities?


I have b licence . I want c licenc. What can i do it. I have 5 years HT experience .


what is the exact syllabus for oracle certification level 1?


I have done GNIIT software engneering and B.COM and also i have 1yr exp in oracle DBA can i do oracle DBA certification plz adviced me early possible with certification details...


I completed MCA and also I have OCA certification. Now I am working as a Application Developer in but I need a job in Oracle Application or related to Sql or Pl/Sql.


Hi , I am planning to take up OCA certification.Can you please provide me with the path for Oracle DBA certi.If any one of you have dumps for same,please mail them to give me any tips if possible.