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ICET Interview Questions
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what is country?


hi dis rajesh...any body have d icet previous quetion papers..please send 2 my id :


Name the father of Ashka

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who is the founder of modern hockey?


Please send me modle question paper of drug inespector


when will the examination starts?


i want become a IAS/IPS?first how to prepare exam&which books?what exam i have to write?

IAF, Satyam,

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hi this is srilakshmi i am studying btech 3rd year i wanted to become IAS/IPS by writing group-1.i want info about group-1. in which language we can write group-1?how much time we must spend for a day to get that job in first attempt,what are the basics we must have? and newly chnged exam pattern(what are advantages and disadvantages for new pattern)?.what are the best institutions we have for coaching?.how much money it takes for coaching?.way of correction(paper evaluation)?.is ther reservation in mains? how much it is.books?etc what you know.plese help me.

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what are problems solving questions in ICET exam paper?



which book i refer for lic aptitude test


Any one is there who got selection in written exam of SBi held on 1 march 2009 for himachal paradesh general category. i hv got selection for their. plz help me about interview question.

State Bank Of India SBI,


why is trial balance prepared


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i prepared for ICET please send me tne previous exam papers with explination in my mail-id


what is diameter of soil, which is see in the rajasthan desert?

Biocon, MPSC, Wipro,

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how many days will it take to release the final results clerks march,2009


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what would be the cut off for general candidate ,in the cabinet secretariat recruitment exam held on 16 th june,2013,tier 1. after how much time do they generally declare the tier 1 results


how many times in a day is the angle between the minute and hour hands of a clock equal to an angle between 0 and 180?


In which ocean is a lake


1.ants are social insects.why? 2.numismatics is study of ___? 3.rate of change of position is known as ___? 4.a logophile is alover of what? 5.which city hosted '2009 UN climate change conference'?


kindly tell me about the preparation of bank p.o?


Hi, I am 30years old. Can I give any govt. sector exam. I have done my graduaion form Delhi University.. Please suggest me?


kindly send group 1 and group 2 previous question papers my id


Please send SBI clerical model papers and material to my E- MAil


which component is in most in kidney stones


budgeting procedure


why did u join MBA finance after B.Sc. bio?


28,38,49,-,70,77 please give the answer and explin me


why do we use polystyrene film for FT-IR calibration?


Discuss briefly the causes and consequences of ‘inflation’ in an economy like India.


friends i want to know about DSSSB DASS GRADE II Main exam pattern what is the exam syllbus and if there is any precious year question paper then please mail me on my emil id