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how to create adapters?how to connect adapters? and how to build?


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what is global variables?


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what is soap? how to use soap?

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how to create adapters?how to connect adapters? and how to build?

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can any one tell me.i have 3 years experience of non-It field.but outof 3 y.of ex. first 1.6 years of ex.one dept's & second 1.7 years of ex.another dept's .i have completed M.com ,but i want to change to IT side (instead of non-IT) what is my quesion.in interview point of time thay are asking about myself (i have to give the replay morethen 6 minit) how to give the replay don't mind give me replay


i have 3.6 it exp,relavant 2 years, how to tell my self?


I wold like to learn TIBCO.Can any one who is working on TIBCO,please advice.Tell me brief abt TIBCO.Currently i have Java/J2ee background.Please update u r mail Id too.Thanx in advance


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I would like to learn one of these technologies.Can any one pls tell me WebMethods r TIBCO which is the best

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by using java language only we use this integration


What is File adapter,ADB Adapter in tibco? DIff BW Them


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how to create global variables and if we create where do we have to use in the project ?

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how we can send data through adb adapter in tibco bw?


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What are the types of encoding which BW follows?


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How many types of Global vaibles are there in BW?


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What is meant by process context varibale?


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What is target namespace and taget prefix?


If there are Senders who are sending messages on a queue. And these messages are not yet received by the consumers. They are still lying in the server. But before the consumers could receive the message the server went down. Since they are persistent messages, they are saved. But when secondary comes up how will the secondary server will get the message because it’s a different machine. How will it get the messages which are with the Primary server?


Explain Client and EXplicit Client dupsOK Acknowledge modes in jms?


If secondary server finds out that the Primary is down and comes up.Where does it gets the messages from.


What is import and include in schema in tibco bw?


If Sender has sent the message on a queue.If the JMS Primary Server went down and secondary Server get the message which is lost. Where is the message now?


Hi i want to learn TIBCO. I am not good at programming.. Which module should i prefer to learn in tibco. i am having 2 years exp in another sector, now i m planning to change my career path. Please suggest me.


I am a commerce graduate, with service desk experience of 4 years. Not much technical, which module of Tibco will help me and will that have a demand in market. If yes how long time it will take me to learn.


If you are posting a message on a queue & Server is down. What happens.


What are the pretch predicates in tibco bw ?


Which one to prefer, Soap over JMS or Soap over HTTP in web service. Explain their pros and cons.