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What is the Risk Analysis? Waht types of risk analysis are there?

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Diff b/w test scenario's and test Procedures?


What is Port testing. Whhen will you perform?


Waht is User interface and Integration Testing?

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Can you expect major bugs in Net banking Application?

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Limitations in QTP?



What r the diffrernt file extentions in QTP?

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What is test fusion report?


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What r types of parametarizations?

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Give me some scripts for 1). checking webpage links (counting links,opening web pages,counting child elements)


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Give me diffrent script in QTP for Webpage(Java and .Net),WindowsBased Applications,Java application,.Net application...

TCS, Virtusa,

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How to change the scripts from Per-Action object repository to shared object repository

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can QTP works on LINUX platfom

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Hi. I have completed B.TECH(CS) , But I will go to "SECURITY CONSOLE OPERATING" [C.C CAMERA abservation]. IF interviwer asks " Why you choose this job ?" What we will say? urgent.........................urgent...........



What is the difference between QTP 8.2 object repository and QTP 9.2 object repository Any body have an please give Answer Mail id: nagireddy.sn@gmail.com


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How to create Reusable and Multiple Actions?


1--How many functions u develop 2--What is an array 3-- where is ur server 4--U involved in unit testing 5--how ur test the background colour using QTP


your coming from electrical backgroung..but y ur coming to software side?


How can I open a EXCEL file from QTP Resultviewer with reporter.ReportEvent function call. Example: Test files for details click "here". And clicking "Here" in the resultviewer will open a local EXCEL FILE.


Whar are the challenges do we face while testing web based applications using the automation tool QTP or any??


Hi,All How to create a link in excel sheet using qtp


how to idetfy which test cases are automated?who will deside that plz tell me


1.How to record ,capture and also script to capture the close buttons. 2.How to record ,capture and also script to capture the options ---File ->save and File ->close in a browser and PDF files. 3.How to compare the Excel sheet values in a report using QTP scripting. 4.How to compare 2 PDf reports using QTP scripts as well reording. 5.How to compare 2 Excel reports using QTP scripts as well reording. 6.How to save a PDF report to a folder and then translate the report to an Excel type of report and compare that Excel Report with an other excel report. Please clarify me


what is clean sweep?


There are 10 rows in the datatable. How can we fetch 2 rows and then skip 3rd row. After that, pick 4th & 5th row and skip 6th row. Please share code


In an interview, what r the general questions asked in QTP? pls give me anwser to this question?


in qtp 3 sheets is there in data table like global, action1, action2. I want to check the rows and columns in action2. how can check using script?


Hi, I am using 2 excel sheet.First excel sheet works fine with the script, if it opens the 2nd excel sheet,it works fine,but after finish all the rows it is giving the following error in the following line. InValid Procedure call or argument Line (178): "Browser("name:="&result,"application version:=internet explorer 7").Page ("title:=bgt.*", "index:=0").WebList ("name:=SearchType","html id:=Select1","location:=0").Select SearchType1". I have seen a web article says that,If we use any vbscript friendly name it may gives the above error-Invalid procedure call or argument not sure,Am I using any VBScript frienlyName? in the above line? [but the same line is perfecly working for first Excel ] It is little urgent. Any Help Thanks you


Why is Client side image is preferred over server side image?


What is Unicode Compatibility?