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How can the expected image for a bitmap checkpoint be recaptured in QTP

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What does SPLIT and JOIN commands do in Vbscript?

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If a button named "CLICK" is recorded in low level recording mode , what will be the values stored for "name" property of that button in object repository ?

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How can I pass values from one action to another in QTP ?

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How can I use Call dlls in QTP ?


In an output value text checkpoint, where does the output value stored by default ?

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What is a runtime datatable ?

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How can I generate customized logs in QTP ?

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Object recognition in QTP is based on which model ? a) COM b) DCOM c) DOM d) None of the above

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What is the extention of Virtualobject


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how can we test load time of an page in webtesting?

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setroproperty and getroproperty difference

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What is descriptive programming?


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They asked by using qtp recording writing scripting



We stored into the objects OR and then write the scripting

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in a web page hoe to check the dynamic links that rechabging with out using regular expressions


Hi I have exp in manual testing and planning to move in automation testing qtp(9.2).So can help me how to automate customer relationship management tool using qtp and vb script this tool already developed so how can I test it whatever maintaining by development team like documents,various options just give the whole life cycle thanks in advance


breef description of batch testing ?


how to do the batch testing in test director using manual testing procedure?


How do I get the QTP scripts result in xml format by using vb script function?


hou can we use vb script in qtp could u tell me breafly


Hi all can any one give me roles and responsibilities for QTP (not WINRUNNER)


In QTP TEST DIRECTOR COMBINATION WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF TEST DIRECTOR? In Somebody says to store test cases and design test cases.?ok fine , but In test director 5.0 , QTp not launching. what u do?


What is standalone database?


What are metrics and matrix?


If I am scripting Web-based Surveys using QTP that open up differently but at the exact same point require a username and password can I automate that username and password for all the surveys some how using QTP?


I want to do QTP Certification what is the pattern of Question paper.


Hi can anybody send me the QTP material, To my email ID: nuve1284@gmail.com ?


Consider one application is open, clicking one menu will open another application in another browser. QTP does not catch the URL of the second browser(second application). can we capture it ?


how can we test the Triggers, Cursors, Indexes while doing Database testing in DTP??