QTP Interview Questions
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Explain in brief about the QTP Automation Object Model.


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What is load testing?


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What is Performance testing?


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What is LoadRunner?


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What is Virtual Users?


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Explain the Load testing process?


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Tell me the difference between the Data Driven Frame work and Keyword Driven frame work?

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Write the regular expression code, it accepts the alpha, numeric and special symbol and the first character should be the Alphabet. Tell me the answer


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Write the code for select the 5 values from drop down list. drop down list having the 10 values.

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Could we use QTP for java project(Which is develop in Netbeans and My SQL) otherwise which one is suitable?

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In application have 2 list box oppsite list box two edit box is there.so now through using DP how can we select 3 opption in first list box and 2box semect 4 opption.in edit box also we have to write 25 ,28.how can we do this

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What Folder Structure following in Keyword Driven Frame work?


How many scripts do you write per day. What is the average number of scripts you have written in your recent project

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What is the framework your company is following. What is the reason. Explain why key word driven frame work is chosen.

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How can we upload pdf files in qtp?

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In QTP can we feed the out of one browser(internet explorer) as an input to the another browser(mozilla firefox)? If yes explain how to do it with an example.


what is impact analysis on regression testing?


Hi Friends, Im planning to do certifcation in mercury Automation Tool QTP.But I Didnt get any clear details regarding course syllabus, fees, where to approach, and which certification would be useful for the experienced testers? can any one send me the details?


hi in real time who will execute the qtp test scripts? my faculty said, in a companty automation testers are written the test scripts and manual testers are execute the test scripts...IS IT RIGHT OR NOT?


What is the use of sendkeys and what are send keys


I recorded a Web App with a Oracle backend using QTP 9.5 and for some reason the scripts don't play back> What am I missing at this point. I recorded the same Apps under Sybase and they work great. This is Oracle 10g. Why won't my scripts play back.


can any one say that where we can download the QTP trail version ??????????


Can any one send me the QTP Basic Coding Samples?


what is description object?


Want to verify notepad reports using QTP framework or any other BV script method. Can anyone share the method to achieve it? Eg. Person Name is the header and the actual name is John then how can we verify weather person name is John


How to automate a script in mainframes environment? I have the terminal emulator Add in. Describe in detail.


Output values? i want a practical example


Why is Client side image is preferred over server side image?


Hi i have a webtable which is having 7 columns and 6 rows of data in that table of 4th and 5 th column each row is partiotioned into 3 sub rows i want to verify in each partitioned rows of corresponding row for ex values will be like this 0 / 1 ,26/28.if it is 0/1 i want to skip only if any num/num greater than 1 i want to click.


Hi Every body please explain me in steps to use checkpoints and object Repositories in QTP for Flight Reservation application please tell me the steps for this its urgent pls thanx for urs answers