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What is the real use of different actions in QTP

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I am not able to record yahoomail browser.its giving error like "The browser Application can't be launched .Posssibly the URL is wrong" So anyone can tell me what setting i have to do in qtp??

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If you are using descriptive programming and you have two objects with the same name, so you are identiying them by name and index, how can you avoid errors if a third object with the same name is added at the begining of the page?

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hi can any body give me a script for creating a modularity or keyword driven framework..i am working as a qtp tester for 2 months but still i am not exposed to framework in my company



How to execute the test cases using QTP. i.e What is the use of QTP while execution

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Please help me by providing the License key for QTP 9.2, at guru_aarya@yahoo.co.in Best Regards Gururaj.B


What is the use of "Define new test object" in QTP 9.1 When should we use? Explain?

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How can we test an XML using QTP? I have been to an interview, where they have given me an XML which had 15 values and they have given those values on a separate page. They asked me to write a QTP script to check the XML is having those particular 15 values.

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can we test an windows application using qtp

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I m new to QTP? Is it necessary to know VB for learning QTP for Automation? Can I understand QTP excellently Without practical automation?

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I have java based application on my computer. Can I install QTP on it? What are system requirements for installing QTP?

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How Can I automate PDF forms using QTP9.2 ?


How can i open 5 multiple browser at once through QTP VB script

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Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to connect the QC with QTP using QTP script? Thanks in advance


How can i open 5 multiple browser at once through QTP VB script and i want to login with 5 different credentials i already tried with this code but its entering credentials only for first browser and am using datatable to parameterize

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Output values? i want a practical example


what is meant by source control?


How to integrate the qualitycenter with qtp


how can i call function (which has link with excell sheet at a remote location) within another function


How Can I find the least value in a bunch of variables using qtp.. E.g.:- A = 210, B = 212, C = 60, D = 111 I don’t want to write bunch of lines for this…. Is there a way to get the result in one line…..


What are the five challenges you faced in QTP?


how to write xml output check point bu useing descriptive programing .means without useing output check point


i need code for how to click on particular mail in utlook mail box .its urjent Thank You Balaji


Anybody plz give, How do you test aframe in a web page? If page cotain text message or Images, tables?


what is defenetion of kiran can u tell me plz CVS, SVN


For QTP Test Engineer, What is his contribution to the Project? Means, As as automation test engineer what is his role in the current project?


Where is the resultset of a sqlquery (which is fired by rsobj.open sqlquery,xxxx,xxxx) stored ?


What is the use of Debug Viewer?


How to check feasibility of the appliction?in automation testing?


How to Open FireFox using descriptive programing? If my question is not clear, i will give an Example To Open Internet Explorer, We use Set IE = CreateObject(InternetExplorer.Application) IE.Navigate "www.yahoo.com In the same i need to open yahoo.com in firefox. Can any one tell me what is the server name of firefox to create an object