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Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is use of URL Mode Recording?


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How could you measures Https/Sec ?

CTS, Webnex,


what is the diff b/w loadrunner 8.1& loadrunner 9.5

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We have executed a scenario in controller from 3 diff Load Generators..How can we measure or get the response time of transactions of individual LG's....?


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What is the difference between Group and Scenario in Load Runner Controller terminology?


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While running a scenario in loadrunner controller,the component suddenly hangs and gets closed automatically,the results of the test is no saved and when i open the scenario now,how can i get the results back.?

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Quick learn load runner & Real time experience documents

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1.What is the relation b/w Throughput and Response Time?

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What is the relation b/w Throughput and Think Time?

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What is the relation b/w Throughput and Hits Per Seconds (H/S)?

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How to increase the load on Server when number of users restricted?

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Difference b/w URL and HTML modes in LR?

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Difference b/w 9.1 and 9.5 Versions in LoadRunner?

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What function is used for Encryption and Decryption in your Script?

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What function is used to call Web Services in your Script?

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If we want to know the size of each component in system how?


How can we debug a loadrunner script?


How will you stop the execution of a script on error?


What is manual correlation?


What is the threshold level for think time and how can be this changed?


How do you identify which protocol to use for any application?


You want to have each step in your script measured as a transaction in the controller and not shown in the replay log in vugen. How can you accomplish this?


How can we develop the database vuser script?


What do you mean by path?


What is the purpose of a loadrunner transaction?


Why we insert the rendezvous point while running the scenario?


What would be your recommendation to improve performance measure?


What is the difference between lr_error_message and lr_debug _message?


What are the section contain by the vugen while creating a vuser script?


How many types of graphs are available in loadrunner?