Load Runner Interview Questions
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How many components are there in Loadrunner and what are they?

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How to find get the Response time of the Online News Feeds (News headlines getting updated in every second with out any user intervention)using Load Runner ?


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when i run start senario for different process it always completed at elapsed time 6.32 sec. i don't understand why it happens.. can we set elapsed time ? plz answer.... pratik196@gmail.com


Who/which is the best faculty/institute for Loadrunner in Hyderabad ?

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Real time document loadrunner


which browsers versions are supported in loadrunner 8.1?if any patches are required for browsers?

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one of interviewer asked what is your application architecture


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While running the tomcat in local host by using loadrunner it shows error like server is not connected give idea to solve this error?

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How is the 90 percentile calculated? Say I am having total 2000 transactions pumped to the system and I have 1800 passed and 200 failed. So the 90 pertile is considered from the Passed transactions or (passed+failed) transactions?


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what is browser emulation in load runner

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Difference b/n Loadrunner and Performance center?

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Loadrunner training

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How do you correlate a dynamic value which does not have either Left Boundary or Right Boundary (or may be Both).

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Best institute for performance testing in hyderabad

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when a Load Runner controller fails?


Hi, How can we know that the app deployed in Weblogic Server in percentage?


what is remote performance monitering?


How to find get the Response time of the Online News Feeds (News headlines getting updated in every second with out any user intervention)using Load Runner ?


What is the basic credentials should be provided while recording SAP-GUI?


Can anyone please mention what are the common errors that we can see while replaying the Vugen script and also while running the controller scneraio and How to handle them with a few examples. This will be greatly helpful.


Hi all, I am having an interview on LoadRunner (SAP Web Protocol). I am wondering if somebody can help me with some interview questions at a 2 yr Scriptor level. Thanks and all answers are much appreciated.


how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value


Hi all, I am new to Load Runner. I have run the load runner and i got analyzed reports/graphs. But i am very much confused about how to analyze those graphs. Can any one help me out this problem?


what are the risks you faced with loadrunner


Hi can anyone help with projects using load runner. I learnt loadrunner but don't have a hands on experience on it.. it will be very much helpful if some can help me up with a project. can email me: priya.joslic@gmail.com


Difference b/w 9.1 and 9.5 Versions in LoadRunner?


Suppose ur app server is .net server. In that connection pool is related to memory ?explain how?


How to upload media use loadrunner? I record the script but it fail because the top of document is invalidation.How to solve the problem?Which one know the answer please tell me. Thanks!


How to configure yahoo cookies in load runner?