Load Runner Interview Questions
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How we tested remote servers if client is installed in another place



how can we test clent server application and what is the preliminary requirement for load testing


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what are the risks you faced with loadrunner

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How to insert think time While we record Vuser Script in LoadRunner?

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hi, which opensource tool is used for load testing. Will any one guide me for learning how to do load testing. Thanks in advance

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If it is possible to test 5000 vuser through single machine? Then how you can test? plz explain

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If client is not given in the requirement? In that case how you are going to perform performance testing?


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what is bandwidth in loadrunner.


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what r the client requirements? when u r running the script in Vugen?


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What is Response Time?

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What do you mean by scalability, spike ,stress,load testing.


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If in an application there are multiple login then where will this transaction go will it be go under init transaction.


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By default how many virtual user are there in LoadRunner?

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How can we know now we counduct load testing?

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Correlation function web_reg_save_param(pname,LB,RB,ORD,LAST); with in the function ORD default value how much? can any one send sss4702@gmail.com it is Amdocs company asked?


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when i run start senario for different process it always completed at elapsed time 6.32 sec. i don't understand why it happens.. can we set elapsed time ? plz answer.... pratik196@gmail.com


How could you measures Https/Sec ?


What is Standard deviation? How it will use in Lr?


Hi guys I am pravash kumar satapathy having 4.5yrs experience in loadrunner .i am providing online training in loadrunner,jmeter .if any body are interested directly u can call me or mail me pravashkumarsatapathy@gmail.com pk.loadrunner-----skype 9437629024


In a web application transaction response time comprises of some sub times like time from web browser to web server thn to application server and then time taken to get response from the database and back to the web browser following the same path.How to get these sub times distinctly in LR analysis?


what are the skip functions in Load Runner?


Hello Friends, Can anyone please let me know about Performance testing health care EDI ( 270,271, 835 ect). I need as detailed answer as possible. I am going to use LoadRunner for load testing. I would really really really appreciate your help. Thanks, Piyush


Can anyone please mention what are the common errors that we can see while replaying the Vugen script and also while running the controller scneraio and How to handle them with a few examples. This will be greatly helpful.


Hi can anyone help with projects using load runner. I learnt loadrunner but don't have a hands on experience on it.. it will be very much helpful if some can help me up with a project. can email me: priya.joslic@gmail.com


Hi all, I am new to Load Runner. I have run the load runner and i got analyzed reports/graphs. But i am very much confused about how to analyze those graphs. Can any one help me out this problem?


I have one Scenario login then bookcoffee then logout explain test plan for above scenario?


when a Load Runner controller fails?


How to handle the encrypted values in correlation. please send me example with explanation


Hi all, I am having an interview on LoadRunner (SAP Web Protocol). I am wondering if somebody can help me with some interview questions at a 2 yr Scriptor level. Thanks and all answers are much appreciated.


what are the risks you faced with loadrunner