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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The greatest Indian works of art in metal have been produced in: (a) North India (b) South India (c) North East India (d) West and North India


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Bharata?s Natyasastra deals with: (a) drama and music (b) drama, painting and dance (c) music, dance and painting (d) drama, music and dance

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Which one of the following statements is not correct? (a) Paninian Sanskrit is simpler than Vedic Sanskrit (b) Panini probably based his work on the language as it was spoken in the North-West (c) The Mauryan used Prakrit for their official pronouncements (d) Panini?s grammar could not stabilize Sanskrit language

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The hymns of Rig Veda are the work of: (a) One author (b) Four authors (c) seven authors (d) many authors

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The earliest surviving Sanskrit poetry of the classical type is that of: (a) Aswaghosha (b) Kalidasa (c) Arjuna Shankar (d) None of the above

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Classical Sanskrit poetry of India is: (a) predominantly secular (b) predominantly religious (c) a mixture of religious and secular (d) Nothing can be said definitely

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?Ramayanam?, the Tamil version of the great epic Ramayana was made by: (a) Kamban (b) Avvaiyar (c) Ilangovadigal (d) None of the above

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Phakir Mohan Senapati, Radhanath Raya and Madhusudan Rao are known as the famous trio of: (a) Oriya literature (b) Assamese literature (c) Gujarati literature (d) Hindi literature

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Jayashankar Prasad was a distinguished romantic and mystic poet who wrote in: (a) Hindi (b) Oriya (c) Marathi (d) English

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Modern Punjabi literature begins with the works of: (a) Bhai Vir Singh (b) Puran Singh (c) Amrita Pritam (d) Mohan Singh

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Who among the following has been called the Tagore of Punjabi? (a) Puran Singh (b) Amrita Pritam (c) Gurubaksh Singh (d) None of the above

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In Hindi literature who among the following is considered to be the harbinger of Chhaya-Vada or the new modernistic mystic note? (a) Suryakanta-Tripathi ?Nirala? (b) Makhan Lal Chaturvedi (c) S H Vatsyan (d) All of the above

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Who among the following is known as ?Dhumketu? in Gujarati literature? (a) Kaniyalal Munshi (b) Gourishankar Joshi (c) Ramanlal Desai (d) Zaverchand Meghani

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The folk theatre form ?Tamasha? is associated with: (a) Maharashtra (b) Orissa (c) Rajasthan (d) Bengal

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The Taj itself stands on ???. High platform. (a) 22 ft (b) 15 ft (c) 50 ft (d) 34 ft

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yearily turover of apsrtc


in which state does champaran come?


public sector


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state the full form of cpu.


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which is the largest state in india?


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Which of the following is not a salient feature of our Constitution ? a) A Parliamentary form of government b) A Sovereign Democratic Republic c) Contains Directive Principles of State Policy


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