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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The Sangam literature is written in: (a) Sanskrit (b) Brahmi (c) Tamil (d) Hindi

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To Hindus the sight of which of the following birds is considered lucky on Dussehra day? (a) Cuckoo (b) Parrot (c) Bulbul (d) Nilkanth

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Who persuaded Maricha to go in the guise of a golden deer to tempt Sita? (a) Surpanakha (b) Meghanad (c) Jatayu (d) Ravana

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Who was the son of Bali? (a) Sugriva (b) Angad (c) Hanuman (d) Jamvant

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The capital of the Pandavas was: (a) Indraprastha (b) Kurukshetra (c) Hastinapur (d) None of the above

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Who is considered the hero of Mahabharata? (a) Yudhisthira (b) Arjuna (c) Abhimanyu (d) Krishna

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According to a legend Lord Krishna lifted Mount Govardhana to crush the pride of: (a) Duryodhana (b) Kansa (c) Indra (d) None of these

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What does the Car festival of Puri commemorate? (a) Krishna?s bal-lila (b) Krishna?s love for the gopies (c) Krishna?s journey from Gokul to Mathura (d) Krishna?s ras-lila with the gopies

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Who built the rock-cut temples at Mahabalipuram? (a) King Narasimha Varman (b) Raja Simha Varman (c) Mahendra Varman (d) None of the three above

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Who is popularly known as queen of ghazals? (a) M S Subbulakshmi (b) Siddeshwari Devi (c) Begum Akhtar (d) Nur Jehan

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Saraswati is the goddess of: (a) wealth and prosperity (b) art and learning (c) fortune (d) strength

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Gangaur festival is held in honour of: (a) Saraswati (b) Ganesh (c) Parvati (d) Radha

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The Vedic deity Indra was the God of : (a) wind (b) light (c) thunder (d) seas

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According to the Indian mythology there are three deities who create, preserve and destroy. The creator is Brahma and the preserver is Vishnu, who is destroyer? (a) Ravana (b) Kansa (c) Bali (d) Mahesh

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Mahavira, the founder of Jainism was called Jina, which means : (a) ghost (b) preacher (c) conqueror (d) free from fetters

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Which of the following is not a salient feature of our Constitution ? a) A Parliamentary form of government b) A Sovereign Democratic Republic c) Contains Directive Principles of State Policy


Politics nd current affairs


which is the capital of nepal?


in which of the following states is shifting cultivation commonly used?


Which game has the Vijay Hazare Trophy associated with it?


plz sumbody help me. I want list of ques wid ans which z generally askd in the mangement entrance exam.


Which indian city is called Temple city of India ?


Which city is called Manchester of India ?


who was the first mughal emperor of india?


How many times in year does the General Assembly of United Nations meet?


The part of the Constitution that reflects the mind and ideals of the framers is ? (a) Directive Principles (b)Fundamental Rights (c)Peramble (d)Citizenship


To which sport is the tem Bishop related?


In which country , is bull fighting the national sport?


Which indian city is called garden city of India ?


Which of thefollowing groups of people change their house types according to seasons?