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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Fuehrer is the nickname of: (a) Mussolini (b) Rommel (c) Napoleon (d) Hitler

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Michael Angelo was a famous artist, poet, painter, sculptor, architect of Italy. He can rightly be called a ?brother? to: (a) Picasso (b) Van Gogh (c) M F Hussain (d) Leonardo da Vinci

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Bachendri Pal is: (a) the first Indian woman to win a medal in Olympic Games (b) the first Indian woman to climb Mt Everest (c) the first woman pilot of Indian Airlines (d) the first woman IPS Officer of India

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Baden Powell was: (a) a famous poet (b) a famous golf player (c) a Nobel Prize winner scientist (d) founder of boy scouts

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Who had discovered North America in 1497? (a) Vasco da Gama (b) Columbus (c) John Cabot (d) James Cook

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The name of the youngest US President who was assassinated in 1963, was: (a) John F Kenqedy (b) Abraham Lincoln (c) Thomas Jefferson (d) George Washington

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J D Rockfeller was: (a) an industrialist (b) a scientist (c) American President (d) world famous navigator

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Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated in the year : (a) 1963 (b) 1965 (c) 1966 (d) 1968

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The father of Russian Revolution is: (a) Nikita Khurschev (b) Stalin (c) V I Lenin (d) L I Brezhnev

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Which of the following British statesman/politician won a Nobel Prize in literature ? (a) C Atlee (b) W Churchill (c) Robert Clive (d) Margaret Thatcher

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Which of the following head of the state won the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1971? (a) Margaret Thatcher (b) Mrs Indira Gandhi (c) Willy Brandt (d) John F Kennedy

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The name of India born British author who was issued a death threat (Fatwa) by ayatollah Khomeini is: (a) Salman Rushdie (b) Pamella Bordes (c) R K Narayan (d) Mira Nayar

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Satish Gujral is a famous : (a) painter (b) architect (c) violinist (d) sitarist

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Ayatollah R. Khomeini was the religious leader of which of the following countries? (a) Iran (b) Iraq (c) Saudi Arabia (d) Kuwait

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Which one of the following is popularly known as ?Lady with the Lamp?? (a) Mother Teresa (b) Florence Nightingale (c) Sarojini Naidu (d) Isabella Archer

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Where is Charminar Located?


hello sir ow to i prepare my gk my gk is so i m fill up fourm of delhi police SI post. so plz reply


where does the southernmost tip in india lie?


Who are the latest Noble Prize Winners, Padma Awards Winners, Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universe etc.?


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Supreme court judgment regarding 11 kv line running through former land


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The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC, selected whom as the ' Women of Millennium'?


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Do you favor women entrepreneurship? Justify your stand?


who won the recent oscar award for indian music?


What are your views on the controversial practice of Triple Talaq?