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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Viswanathan Anand?s name is associated with : (a) Cricket (b) Chess (c) Football (d) Tennis

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The first woman in the history of US Open Championship to have played 100 matches, is: (a) Martina Navaratilova (b) Chris Evert (c) Steffi Graf (d) Helena Sukova

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?Baulk? term is associated with: (a) Golf (b) Boxing (c) Basketball (d) Billiard

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Prince of Wales Cup is associated with the game of : (a) Volleyball (b) Basketball (c) Polo (d) Golf

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How many players are there in each side in the game of Netball? (a) 11 (b) 6 (c) 9 (d) 7

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In the game of Baseball, distance between each base in a Diamond shaped ground is: (a) 80 ft (b) 72 ft (c) 90 ft (d) 56 ft

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The term ?Punter? is associated with the game of: (a) Golf (b) Polo (c) Bridge (d) Horse Racing


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The term ?Gambit? is associated with the game of ; (a) Golf (b) Bridge (c) Chess (d) Boating

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Who among the following tennis player is the winner of the US Open Women?s Singles Final 2003? (a) Justine Henin Hardenne (b) Lindsay Devenport (c) Venus Williams (d) Monica Seles

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The size of the pool for Water Polo is ; (a) 30 x 20 yds (b) 50 x 30 yds (c) 25 x 20 yds (d) 20 x 15 yds

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What is the diameter of a golf hole? (a) 5.5? (b) 4.5? (c) 3.5? (d) 7.5?

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The term ?Diamond? is associated with the game of: (a) Bridge (b) Baseball (c) Basketball (d) Billiards

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The term ?athwart? in sailing means: (a) in with the wind (b) into the breeze (c) across (d) downward

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What is the distance of running in a marathon race? (a) 26 miles (b) 26 miles 405 yards (c) 26 miles 385 yards (d) 26 miles 180 yards

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In which game the term ?tee? is used? (a) Chess (b) Golf (c) Billiards (d) Snooker

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