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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which one of the two songs ? Jana Gana Mana, the National Anthem, and Vande Mataram, the National Song ? is older? (a) Jana Gana Mana (b) Vande Mataram (c) The two are contemporary (d) Nothing can be said with certainty

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The National Calendar, which is based on Saka Era, was introduced in the country in the year: (a) 1957 (b) 1951 (c) 1949 (d) 1947

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The famous Sarnath School of Sculpture flourished during the: (a) Gupta period (b) Mauryan period (c) post-Gupta period (d) post-Ashokan period

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The architecture of the Ashokan period gained in magnificence as for the first time: (a) stone was employed instead of wood (b) wood was used instead of stone (c) burnt bricks were used for the first time (d) None of the above

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The Chaitya Hall at Karle represents a magnificent example of: (a) cave architecture (b) the use of capital (c) mural paintings (d) None of the above

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Which one of the following places is famous for Stupa? (a) Allahabad (b) Sanchi (c) Sarnath (d) Vaishali

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Jainism is divided into how many main sects? (a) Four (b) Three (c) Two (d) It is not divided

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Which one of the following has been called as the cradle of Indian architecture ? (a) Aihole (b) Pattadakal (c) Badami (d) Ajanta

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The beautiful Surya temple in Konark was built in: (a) 13th Century (b) 14th Century (c) 11th Century (d) 16th Century

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Temple building gained much patronage in the 6th-8th centuries from the: (a) Pallavas and Chalukyas (b) Guptas (c) Mauryas and Guptas (d) Cholas and Guptas

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The greatest Indian works of art in metal have been produced in: (a) North India (b) South India (c) North East India (d) West and North India

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Bharata?s Natyasastra deals with: (a) drama and music (b) drama, painting and dance (c) music, dance and painting (d) drama, music and dance

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Which one of the following statements is not correct? (a) Paninian Sanskrit is simpler than Vedic Sanskrit (b) Panini probably based his work on the language as it was spoken in the North-West (c) The Mauryan used Prakrit for their official pronouncements (d) Panini?s grammar could not stabilize Sanskrit language

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The hymns of Rig Veda are the work of: (a) One author (b) Four authors (c) seven authors (d) many authors

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The earliest surviving Sanskrit poetry of the classical type is that of: (a) Aswaghosha (b) Kalidasa (c) Arjuna Shankar (d) None of the above

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