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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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During January, Northern hemisphere develops two high pressure centers. Which ones? (a) Siberian and Canadian (b) Icelandic and Aleutian (c) Indian and Iranian

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In January, Northern hemisphere develops two low pressure belts. Name them. (a) Icelandic and Aleutian (b) Azores and Bermuda (c) Illinois and Arizona

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In July, Asian low pressure belts are divided into two separate cells by: (a) Himalays (b) Ural (c) Appalacian

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Wind is: (a) horizontal movement of air (b) vertical movement of air (c) movement of air

NIFT, Zolo,

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Air moves from: (a) high to low pressure (b) low to high pressure (c) no fixed rule

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Wind?s speed, intensity, duration and direction depend upon: (a) pressure gradient (b) pluton (c) low pressure

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The center of low pressure is: (a) cyclone (b) anti-cyclone (c) clouds

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The center of high pressure is: (a) cyclone (b) anti-cyclone (c) pedocal

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Cyclones in the Northern hemisphere show spiral of: (a) anti-clockwise (b) clockwise (c) No spiral

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Anti-cyclone in the Southern hemisphere shows spiral of: (a) anti-clockwise (b) clockwise (c) No spiral

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Winds converge towards the center in: (a) cyclone (b) anti-cyclone (c) cariolis effect

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Winds diverge from center in: (a) cyclone (b) Ferrel?s law (c) anti-cyclone

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The direction of winds is determined by: (a) wind-vane (b) anemometer (c) barometer

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The speed of wind is measured by: (a) anemometer (b) wind-vane (c) rotameter

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The direction from which wind blows is referred to as: (a) windward (b) leeward (c) wind facing side

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