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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The circumference of the earth is: (a) 60,000 km (b) 40,067 km (c) 55,230 km

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The three basic movements of earth are: (a) galactic, revolution and rotation (b) katabatic, revolution and rotation (c) adiabatic, revolution and rotation

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Rotation refers to: (a) turning of the earth on its own axis (b) earth movement around the center of the galaxy (c) earth movement around the sun

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When earth is closest to the sun, it is at: (a) perihelion (b) aphelion (c) kames

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When earth is farthest from the sun, it is at: (a) eirque (b) xerophitic (c) aphelion

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The earth is closest to the sun at a distance of about 91,500,000 miles on: (a) January 3 (b) December 25 (c) December 24

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The earth is farthest from the sun at a distance of about 94,500,000 miles on: (a) July 4 (b) June 22 (c) March 22

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The earth?s axis is tilted at an angle of: (a) 23-1/20 (b) 6-1/20 (c) 33-1/20

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The time required for the earth to complete one rotation with respect to stars is: (a) 23h 56m 4.09s (b) 24h (c) 24h 1m 0.1s

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The time required for the earth to complete one rotation with respect to the sun is: (a) 23h 56m 4.09s (b) 24h (c) 24h 1m 0.1s

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When earth completes one rotation in 23h 56m 4.09s, it is called a: (a) Sidereal day (b) Star day (c) Sunday

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The northern tip of the earth is inclined towards the sun on: (a) June 21 (b) December 22 (c) March 21

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When days and nights are of equal length on September 23, this position is known as: (a) equinox (b) occluded (c) veering

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How many days does the earth take to complete a circle around the sun? (a) 365 (b) 365-1/2 (c) 365-1/4

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The earth?s movement in its orbit is from: (a) West to East (b) East to West (c) North to South

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