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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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What is the name of the group of agriculture exporting countries formed in 1986, that has put agriculture on the multi-lateral trade agenda at the WTO? 1 The Cairns Group 2 ASEAN 3 SCANA 4 NAFTA

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Which telecom group is providing India?s first private sector long disdtance service? 1 Orange 2 Hutch 3 Airtel 4 Reliance Telecom

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What does SAPTA stand for 1 South Asian Preferential Trade Agreement 2 South Asian Post Trade Agreemnt 3 SAARC Preferential Trade Agreement 4 SAARC Post Trade Agreement

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Which organisatioin was the forerunner to the World Trade Organisation 1 The World Bank 2 General Agreement on Tariff and Trade (GATT) 3 The United Nations Development Fund 4 The League of Nations

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The State Vidhan Sabha elections are going to take place on 26th February 2003 at 1 Himachal Pradesh 2 Tripura and Nagaland 3 Meghalya 4 All of the above

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In which state did GSI struck huge reserves of gold ore recently? 1 Gujarat 2 Rajasthan 3 Karnataka 4 Orissa

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Chocolates can be bad for health because of a high content of 1 Nickel 2 Sugar 3 Carbohydrates 4 Fats


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Two principal monuments of Als-ud-din Khilji?s reigh-the Jama?at Khana Masjid and Alai Darwaja were constructed at 1 Hyderabad 2 Mysore 3 Delhi 4 Agra

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How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution? 1 11 2 12 3 13 4 14

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Sachiln Tendulkar has made a double hundred recently. He has equaled the record of 1 Ajay Wadekar 2 Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi 3 Sunil Gavaskar 4 G.vishwanath

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Which of the following states does not touch the boundary of Chhattisgarh State? 1 Orissa 2 Andhra Pradesh 3 West Bengal 4 Maharashtra

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The Khasi Community inhabits in the state of 1 Nagaland 2 Meghalalya 3 Mizoram 4 Manipur

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Of whilch major river system, the Sutlej is a part? 1 Ganga 2 Brahamaputra 3 Indus 4 Teesta

DSSSB-Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board,

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Which of the following materials was mainly used in the manufacture of Haralppan seals? 1 Terra Cotta 2 Bronze 3 Copper 4 Iron

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The approxmate percentage of salt by weight in sea water is 1 2.1% 2 5.2% 3 4.1% 4 3.6%

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in which state does champaran come?


Which state is called City of Joy?


how many bones does a human body consist of?


Dear Sir, We had buyed machine from Delhi we had pad CST but we were not aware to entry tax (2006-200)7 we had issue a notice to pay entry tax with penalty our bill amount is 735649 so please let us now how total amount we have to pay.


Name the chief justice of India?


pls. LIC ado modle test paper sent me


Pls send me general knowledge question for State bank of india Clerks Interview.


which is the largest state in india?


how much period of time to consider the current affairs(appsc group-2 perpose)


which is the highest mountain in the world?


Which indian city is called garden city of India ?


Politics nd current affairs


Talk about politics? What should be said we it is asked in HR interview?


What is the capital of Lithuania, Libya and UAE?


Which indian city is called Temple city of India ?