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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The full form of TRAI is 1 Transport Regulatory Authority of India 2 Telecom Regulatory Authority of India 3 Telecom Regulatory Agency of India 4 Transport Regulatory Agency of India

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According to ?India Vision 2020? if India hs to attain the goal of total employment by the year 2020, it should work towards generating scope for?.. jobs per year. 1 1 million 2 2 million 3 5 million 4 10 million

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Afro-Asian Games from October 24,2003 to November 1, 2003 were held at 1 New Delhi 2 Kolkata 3 Hyderabad 4 Chennai

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India?s exclusive communication satellite?..was launched from the slpaceport of kourou in French Guyana on September 28,2003. 1 INSAT-3E 2 INSAT-2DT 3 ILNSAT-3D 4 INSAT-3DT

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India won the sixth men?s Asia Cup Hockey tournament held in September, 2003 in Kuala Lumpur by beating. 1 Korea 2 Pakistan 3 Japan 4 China

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China becomes the third country, after Russia and the US, to send an man into orbit own space vehicle. The choosen ?taikonaut? is 1 Neil Armstrong 2 Yang Liei 3 Ho Chi Min 4 Ho Liwei

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The book ?The Kargil Conflict 1999:Separating Fact From Fiction? is written by 1 Dr.Shireen Mazari 2 Khuswant Singh 3 Nawaz Sharif 4 None of these

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?Because you deserve to know? is the punchline used by 1 The Times of India 2 The Hindu 3 Indian Express 4 Hindustan Times

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Which country has banned the word ?E-mail? from all government publications and websites and replaced it by ?Courriel?? 1 England 2 USA 3 Italy 4 France

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The punchline used by HUTCH is 1 ?The name inspires trust? 2 Improving the quality of life? 3 ?Wherever you go our network follows? 4 ?Express yourself?

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In which State is Nalsarover Bird Sanctuary located? 1 Maharashtra 2 Orissa 3 Gujarat 4 Rajasthan

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Which one of the fhollowing provides fixed line telephone services with number s starting with 2? 1 Relaiance Infocom 2 Tata Infocom 3 BSNL 4 HUTCH

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Which among the following foreign banks is completing 150 years of its establishment this year? 1 HSBC 2 Bank of Tokyo 3 Bank of America 4 None of these

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Which of the following agencies does not finance local bodies for infrastructural development 1 LIC 2 HUDCO 3 CRISIL 4 All of these

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Which of the following colours are mixed to bring out the several colours seen on TV? 1 Red, Yellow, Blue 2 Red, Yellow, Green 3 Red, Green, Blue 4 Yellow, Green, Blue

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Where is first Railway University located?


What is the capital of Lithuania, Libya and UAE?


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Politics nd current affairs


which is the largest state in india?


In the year 2012, name the company which acquired SlideShare for USD 118.75 million?


To which field is Padma Vibhushan Yamini Krishna Moorthy related?


how many bones does a human body consist of?


Who is Hugo Chavez?


in india where ia a mosque with tangle tomb


Which cells help in the production of antibodies?


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In the Vedic period, the kings collected tax from the people. What was that tax called?


Clive Lloyd is related to which sport?


state the seven wonders of the world which is located in india?