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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Great Britain is warmer than other places of the world the same distance from the equator because of: (a) its nearness to water (b) its altitude (c) the warming effects of the Gulf Stream

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Both Canada and the United States are interested in the Arctic region because it: (a) has many minerals (b) is the shortest route to Asia (c) is rich in fur-bearing animals

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A reason why Latin America has been slow to develop industry is that : (a) most of her trade is with Europe (b) lack of rain means that there is little water power available (c) There has been a lack of skilled workers

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The northern part of Europe is called: (a) the Alpine region (b) Scandinavia (c) Benelux

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A feature of the Mediterranean climate is: (a) frequent rain and fog (b) a long growing season (c) hillside farming

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A reason why farming is difficult in Scandinavia is that : (a) the growing season is short (b) there is a small population (c) there is a lack of water

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The largest producer of sugar in the world is: (a) Brazil (b) Indonesia (c) Mexico (d) Cuba

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Mountains are important in the Middle East because they : (a) are the source of rivers (b) are rich in minerals (c) block the cold winds

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Cotton is grown in the Nile River Valley because: (a) the climate of Egypt different from the rest of the Middle East (b) a warm climate and irrigated land are best for growing cotton (c) farmers in Egypt are richer than farmers in the rest of the region

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The continent of Africa is divided into two parts by the: (a) Sahara Desert (b) Atlas Mountains (c) Congo River


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Congo has been an important country of Africa because : (a) it lies along the trade routes from north to south (b) its mines have copper and diamonds (c) it has the only oil processing plants in Africa (d) None of the above

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Australia may be called a ?hollow continent? because: (a) most people live along the coasts (b) It is shaped like a saucer (c) there are no rivers in the interior

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Australians are able to grow large amounts of wheat because : (a) the fields are large, flat and suited to the use of machinery (b) fields are far from the smoke filled cities (c) they have a large labour supply and plenty of rainfall

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Australia is good for raising sheep because : (a) there is plenty of grass throughout the country (b) the warm northern lowlands are ideal for raising sheep (c) much of the country is dry and sheep need little water

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The two cities that are most similar in terms of climate are : (a) Vancouver-Paris (b) Capetown-Algiers (c) Montreal-Murmansk (d) Panama City-Tokyo

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