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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which of the following agencies/organizations has taken up some Indian contracts for implementgation on a priority basis so that the oil for Food Programme (OFP) can be conducted smoothlyl? 1 UNO 2 SAARC 3 World Bank 4 International Red Cross Society

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How much is the total outlay earmarked for Prasar Bharati in the 10th Five-Year Plan for the developmental activities? (Approximately) 1 Rs.11,000 crore 2 Rs.15,000 crore 3 Rs.20,000 crore 4 Rs.5,000 crore

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Which of the following is the name launched of the multipurpose satellite that India launched recently from Kourou, French Guyana? 1 INSAT-2B 2 INSAT-2A 3 Kalpana-VI 4 None of these

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Harsh Mankad and Vishal Uppal were recently in the news as they won Doubles of the ITF Men?s Futures tournament in 1 Badminton 2 Chess 3 Tennis 4 Billiards

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Which of the following films won the Oscar Award for best film in the function of Academy Awards held in March 2003? 1 Chicago 2 Meet Jo Black 3 Jercy Girl 4 Bend It Like Beckham

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Which of the following is India?s long range surface-to-surface missile capable of carrying nuclear warheads? 1 Varun 2 Tejas 3 Agni-III 4 Arjun-II

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Which among the following cannot be recognized as a relevant banking practice or procedure which aims at catering to the needs of common customers of a bank? 1 Use of telebanking facility 2 Use of ATMs 3 Availability of banker?s cheque 4 Hike or reduction in PLR and the announcement of credit policy

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Given the difficulty in facing a cut-throat competition with other banks and FIs, which among the following banks has decided to withdraw its domestic credit measures? 1 UTI bank 2 HSBC 3 ICICI bank 4 IDBI bank

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Which among the following foreign banks is completing 150 years of its establishment this year? 1 HSBC 2 Bank of Tokyo 3 Standard Chartered Bank 4 None of these

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Which among the following banks is likely to have tie-up with the Robo Bank of the Netherlands? 1 UTI 2 Kotak Mahindra Bank 3 ING-Vaishya Bank 4 IDBI Bank

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The European Union has set alimit of financial deficit to be observed by the members of the European Union. The limit of the deficit in any country should not be more than 1 7% 2 6% 3 3% 4 5%

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Who amongst the following is the author of the book ?The Future of Freedom? published recently? 1 Peter Hudson 2 Richard Wolfee 3 Tamara Lipper 4 Fareed Zakaria

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Who among the following has set up a site to sell railway tickets through internet in India 1 Travel Corporation of India 2 Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation 3 Indian Tourism Development Corporation 4 None of these

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As per the results of a speculated assessment regarding Indian textiles industry, brought out by the World Bank Mission, the average per spindle production in India is approximately 1 220 Kilograms 2 100 kilograms 3 150 kilograms 4 190 kilograms

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The Indian Constitution provided for a few fundamental rights or freedoms to all citizens of India. Accordingly, the citizens are not entitled to enjoy the freedom of 1 Speech and expression 2 Assembly in a peaceful manner and without carrying arms 3 Pursuing any profession, occupation, trade or business included in the list of professions and occupations prepared by the Government of India 4 Forming associations, unions, etc.

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