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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The National Literacy Mission launched in 1988 aims at attaining full literacy (i.e.sustainable threshold level of 75%) by the year 1 2004 2 2005 3 2008 4 2010

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As per International Labour Organisation (ILO), how many children out of the total child population of India (in the age group 10-14 years) are employed as child labour (approxiametly) 1 10% 2 12% 3 16% 4 20%

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How much amount government of India wishes to earn through disinvestment in the duration of the 10th plan? 1 Rs.800 billion 2 Rs.1000 billion 3 Rs.1200 billion 4 None of these

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Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer who died recently was a well known 1 Carnatic Singer 2 Sitarist 3 Politician 4 Tamil author

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Mr.Paul Berenger has taken over as the 1 President of Mauritius 2 Prime Minister of Mauritius 3 Prime Minister of south Africa 4 Vice President of Australia

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Which of the following has made a suggestion that marriage laws be amended to make HIV/AIDS as a ground for divorce? (The Union government has asked the states to give their views on the recommendation). 1 Indian Medical Association 2 Ministry of Labour & Social Welfare 3 National Commission for Women 4 The Council of India

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?OPEC? is an organization of 1 The countries producing electronic goods 2 The countries exporting paper and newsprint 3 The countries producing ornaments and gems 4 The countries exporting petroleum products

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In an effort to improve which of the following in India, the Cricket Board has set up a panel comprising stalwarts of the game so that players can be trained? 1 Spin bowling 2 Fast bowling 3 Wicket keeping 4 Fielding

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?Astra? which was test-fired for the first time recently is India?s 1 Air to earth missile 2 Earth to air missile 3 Air to air missile 4 Sea missile capable to locate and destroy submarines

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The Union government recently dereserved some more items from the list of the ?tems reserved for the small scale sector?. Which of the following are now dereserved items? 1 Garments and purses 2 paper and newsprint 3 Medical and surgical instruments 4 All are now dereserved items

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USA had requested that India should send its army to guard 1 Iran 2 Kuwait 3 Sri Lanka 4 Iraq

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The Royal shell which recently got a clearance from the Government of India to set up around 2000 petrol pumps in the country is basically a/an 1 Iraq-based company 2 Dutch company 3 US-based company 4 Irani company

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India imported approximately how much crude oil last year? 1 30 million tones 2 40 million tones 3 50 million tones 4 85 million tones

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NASA recently launched a robotic rover to which of the following planets with a goal to find out if there was any life on it? 1 Jupiter 2 Mars 3 Mercury 4 Venus

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A team of the tourism and transport officials and technicians from the Pakistan was in India recently to 1 Work out modalities for the resumption of Samjhouta Express 2 Work out modalities for the resumption of Delhi-Lahore bus service 3 Visit the sites where Pakistan tourism department can open its offices 4 None of these

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