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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The RBI has four Chief weapons to control or maintain desired equilibrium in the economy of the country. Which of the following is NOT one of them? 1 Open market operations 2 Repo rate 3 Bank rate 4 Introducing new taxes/levies, etc.

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Approximately, what percent of the total oil production of the world is produced by OPEC nations? 1 33% 2 65% 3 50% 4 75%

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Which of the following countries announced that it will help Pakistan to build a nuclear power plant? 1 S.Korea 2 China 3 France 4 Russia

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Noise pollution is measure in 1 Microns 2 Nautical miles 3 Amperes 4 Decibels

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The reservation of seats for SCs and STs in the Parliament is extended for a period of how many years after 2000? 1 5 years 2 6 years 3 8 years 4 10 years

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Which of the following non-trade issues has taken a dominance in WTO agenda? 1 Patents 2 Free trade 3 Environment 4 None of these

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Which of the following cities is famous for trading of diamonds in India? 1 Jaipur 2 Surat 3 Mumbai 4 None of these

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As per the reports published in the newspapers, the average Price to Earnings (P/E) Ration has declined in the past few days. This implies that 1 Investors are willing to pay much less for equity now 2 Investors are willing to pay more for equity now 3 Investors are not in mood to invest in equity now 4 None of these

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Which of the followings not the function of WTO? 1 To determine the proper use of the World resources 2 To promote the concept of outsourcing among the member countreis 3 To expand the base of Manufacturing & Service Sectors 4 None of these

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Which of the following was the reason owing to which the leaders from 40 countries gathered recently in ?Auschwitz?? 1 To celebrate the 60th anniversary of their liberation from a concentration camp during second world war 2 It was an annual affair of the members of the European Union 3 They gathered there to take part in the funeral of the Georgian President who died in an accident 4 None of these

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Ms.Anna Kournikova who was in India recently is a famous 1 Cine artist from Russia 2 Tennis player from Russia 3 Cricketer 4 None of these

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Which of the following countries in the vicinity of India has warned the travelers to and from India to check and take precautions against Dengue? 1 Nepal 2 Pakistan 3 China 4 Sri Lanka

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India along with which of the following countries conducted its first ever joint naval exercise recently? 1 Myanmar 2 Bangladesh 3 Vietnam 4 China

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The first SAARC Health Minister?s Conference was recently organized in the which of the following cities? 1 New Delhi 2 Kathmandu 3 Islamabad 4 Colombo

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As a part of its Children?s Day celebrations, which of the following States decidd to issue ?Birth Certificates to about 19 lakh children who were born during the last 10 years in the State but were living without a proper ?Birth Certificate? until now 1 Haryana 2 Uttar Pradesh 3 Bihar 4 Punjab

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please give name of institutes which gives diploma for life experience in india


How many times in year does the General Assembly of United Nations meet?


how can i qualify GA?????????


Who is the chief of Asian development bank?


Which state is called City of Joy?


in which state does champaran come?


Who wrote "Vandematharam" ?


Name any Veteran Olympian Medalist and Politician.


how many lions do you find in the ashok pillar?


Who are the recent Bharat Ratna awardees?


What is the capital of Mozambique?


when did the fall of bastille happen?


Name the star which lies nearest to our solar system?


plz sumbody help me. I want list of ques wid ans which z generally askd in the mangement entrance exam.


Sir,I am rajkumar..I can completed with it branch i can apply for entrance exan ONGC graduation daharadun.In this exam sep 18.Its ok but iknow doubt this exam 1)general awarness butgeneral awareness and knowlege it same syllabus sir.... and how prepare general awareness ongc exam ....ple guid me sir send email what books can be prepare tell fast sir..send me... thank you