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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? 1 UNICEF : New York 2 UNCTAD : Geneve 3 UNDP : Rome 4 UNEP : Nairobi

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What is the bond between to amino acids in protein called? 1 Ester bond 2 Glycosidic bond 3 Peptide bond 4 Phosphodiester bond

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Which of the following phenomena cannot be observed on the surface of water is due to 1 James Clark Maxwell 2 Michelson and Morley 3 Miller and Stanley 4 Werner Heisenberg

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When sound wave is refracted from air to water, which of the following will remain unchanged? 1 Wave number 2 Wavelength 3 Wave velocity 4 Frequency


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Which electromagnetic radiation is emitted by radioactive substances? 1 ?-rays 2 Radio waves 3 Micro waves 4 Frequency

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Who invented vaccination? 1 Alexander Fleming 2 Edward jenner 3 Jonas Salk 4 Louis Pasteur

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What does protein deficiency in children, usually between the age of 1 and 3 years, cause? 1 anaemia 2 Goiter 3 kwashiorkor 4 Xerophthalmia

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Deficiency of which of the following causes knock-knee, bow legs and pigeon chest in children? 1 Vitamin A 2 Vitamin B2 3 Vitamin D 4 Vitamin E

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Which of the following produces oestrogen in the human female reproductive system? 1 Cervix 2 Ovary 3 Fallopian tube 4 Uterus

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Which part of the brain controls respiration? 1 Cerebral cortex 2 Medulla 3 Cerebellum 4 Cerebrum

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Synthetic ethanol is produced by reacting ethane (in the presence of phosphoric acid) with 1 Hydrogen 2 Potassium dichromate 3 Oxygen 4 Water

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In which among the following molecules is the distance between to adjacent carbon atoms largest? 1 Benzene 2 Ethane 3 Ethane 4 Ethyne

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Which of the following is known as Salt petre? 1 NaCI 2 NaNO3 3 Na2CO3 4 NaHCO3

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By which Amendment Act of the Constitution of India were the Directive Principles of the State Policy given precedence over the Fundamental Rights wherever they come into conflict? 1 40th 2 42nd 3 44th 4 46th

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which of the following pairs is not correctly matched? 1 Croatia : Adriatic Sea 2 France : Bay of Biscay 3 Naoway : Baffin Bay 4 Romania : Black Sea

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How many times in year does the General Assembly of United Nations meet?


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Who are the latest Noble Prize Winners, Padma Awards Winners, Miss India, Miss World, Miss Universe etc.?


Tell something about coal- gate scam?


What efforts need to be done on the part of the government to make India a developed nation?


which is the highest mountain in the world?


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in which of the following states is shifting cultivation commonly used?


Clive Lloyd is related to which sport?


Apollo is the god of which of the following as per Greek Mythology?


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which is the capital of nepal?


Who wrote "Vandematharam" ?


please give name of institutes which gives diploma for life experience in india


How many districts are in Jharkhand and Bihar?