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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Total food production in the country is: (1) Between 130 ? 135 million tones (2) Between 200 ? 240 million tones (3) Between 30 ? 40 million tones (4) Between 90 ? 160 million tones

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The picture content on the TV Screen is called : (1) Audio (2) Video (3) Radio (4) Tivio

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The sector that has the highest plan outlay in Union Budget, 1983-84 is: (1) Agriculture (2) Special Area Programme (3) Science and Technology (4) Energy

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Supreme Court?s Judgement in Bachan Singh?s case: (1) Upholds death sentence in the rarest to rare cases (2) Upholds the Government order to reduce the retirement age (3) Grants relief to a rape victim (4) Upholds the constitution

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Anuradha is : (1) India?s experiment in space to study the anamolous low energy cosmic rays (2) A film actress (3) Indian space experiment with the USSR Collaboration (4) A high yield variety of cotton

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Pragathi patham is: (1) Fifteen point programme of Telugu Desham (2) Women emancipation scheme (3) Rural Employment Programme (4) An answer to 20 point programme

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Asiad?82 brought the games to Delhi for the second time. which other country has hosted Asiad more than once? (1) Manila (2) Tokyo (3) DD Jakrata (4) Bangkok

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Could seeding can (1) Create rain (2) Grow plants in space (3) Only increase rain (4) Change the course of rain

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Williamsburg summit was different from cancum meet in that : (1) It was the meet of only poor countries (2) India could not attend the meet (3) India did not attend the meet (4) It was an avenue in the East

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Silicon element used in the manufacture of transistors is classified as: (1) Metal (2) Semiconductor (3) Insulator (4) None of the above

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Telugu Ganga is a scheme to bring (1) Krishna water to Madras (2) Krishna water to Nellore (3) It is a new name to river Godavari (4) It connects river Krishna to river Cauvery

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Narendra-I is the name of: (1) A mythical kind (2) Satellite (3) A new variety of rice (4) A jute variety

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Mahadevi Varma is a : (1) Hindi Poetess (2) Opposition leader in U.P. (3) Script writer (4) Politician

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Southern most part of India : (1) is Kanyakumari (2) Lay in Niobtet Island (3) is Nagercoil (4) Vivekananda rock

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Which of the following is an example of physical change ? (1) Rusting (2) Burning (3) Melting (4) Hydrolyzing

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Pls Help to me for downloading some good website which offer free pdf file of Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge.


name the vitamin found in orange and lime?


Politics nd current affairs


i m selected in boi i m from arts with english so that i want guidance about interview


please give name of institutes which gives diploma for life experience in india


To which field is Padma Vibhushan Yamini Krishna Moorthy related?


How many districts are in Jharkhand and Bihar?


Which trophy is given in badminton?


Please give institutes or college name, which will convert life experience into a valid diploma in engineering in india


hello sir ow to i prepare my gk my gk is so i m fill up fourm of delhi police SI post. so plz reply


Which state is called City of Joy?


hi..... my name is Rekha... i taken karantaka bank clerk and officer exam..... if any know the pattern and details please send me in my id..... if u have question paper please send...... my id


What will be the max. salary for multitasking staff in pay band 5200-20200 with grade pay 1800.


who wrote the book titled as 'politics'?


what is non cenvatable duty? How it can be calculated? Is it difers from item to item?