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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Indian has the world?s largest reserves of: (1) Coal (2) Mica (3) Iron Ore (4) Barites

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The largest proportion of savings in India comes from: (1) Banking sector (2) Corporate sector (3) Household sector (4) Public sector

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The largest proportion of the total outlay of the Five Year Plans in India is mobilized through : (1) Direct taxes (2) Deficit financing (3) External borrowing (4) Indirect taxes

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The Supreme Commander of India?s Armed Forces is: (1) Defence Minister (2) President (3) Vice President (4) Prime Minister

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The Vice President of India is: (1) Nominated by the President (2) Elected by the electoral college (3) Appointed by the Prime Minister (4) Selected through none of the above

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An order from the Court to any official to show his right to the office is called. (1) Nabeas Corpus (2) Write of Certiorari (3) Write of Quo Warranto (4) Write of officiality

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The Presiding Officer of the Rajya Sabha is the : (1) Speaker (2) President (3) Vice-President (4) Prime Minister

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The present rate of saving in the Indian economy is around: (1) 22 percent (2) 18 percent (3) 15 percent (4) 10 percent

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The term of office of a Governor of State is: (1) Six years (2) Five years (3) Seven years (4) Three years

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The Mahalnobis model used as the basis for India?s Second Five Year Plan was originally conceived by: (1) Alec Nove (2) L.V. Kantorouch (3) G.A. Feldaman (4) V.S. Nemchinov

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The Prime Minister of India is: (1) The chairman of Rajya Sabha (2) Leader of the majority party in the Lok Sabha (3) Vice-President of the Rulling Party (4) President of the Ruling Party

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The wording of the preamble to the Indian Constitution is: (1) Sovereign Democratic Republic (2) Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic (3) Federal Democratic Country

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The annual average percentage growth rate envisaged in the Sixth Plan is: (1) 7.6 (2) 5.2 (3) 4.4 (4) 2.5

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The Lok Sabha is dissolved by the: (1) Prime Minister (2) Speaker (3) Home Minister (4) President on the advice of Prime Minister

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Sectoral distribution of public sector expenditure shows that during the Fifth Plan 25 per cent was spent on: (1) Agriculture and irrigation (2) Transport and Communications (3) Power (4) Industry

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