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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The magnificent temple of Kailas was erected by (1) Krishna I (2) Govinda II (3) Krishna II (4) Dantidurga

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The first poet to translate the Mahabharata into Telugu was (1) Tikkana (2) Nanne Choda (3) Bhima Kavi (4) Nannaya

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The most powerful Kakatiya ruler who expanded the empire upto Kanchi was (1) Beta I (2) Prola I (3) Prola II (4) Ganapati

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One of the purpose of insat 1D, the satellite put up by Indian Scientist, is to link all parts of India by television. The height about the earth surface at which it is revolving is about (1) 200 km (2) 10,000 km (3) 36,000 km (4) 1,00,000 km

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Two different objects with masses m1 and m2 are projected in the air at the angles q1 and q2 with respect to horizontal direction with the speed v1 and v2. If they remain in air for the same amount of time, the following quantity must the same: (1) Mass (2) speed (3) The distance traveled in horizontal direction (4) The height attained

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The interaction which governs the life everywhere is (1) Electromagnetic (2) Gravitation (3) Nuclear (4) Weak

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The main element which releases the energy in the thermal reactor is (1) Uranium (235) (2) Uranium (238) (3) Uranium (233) (4) Plutonium (239)

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Which of the following statements is wrong for the planet Venus? (1) It can be seen during whole night (2) After Sun and Moon, it is the most bright object in the sky (3) Its rotation and revolution are in opposite direction (4) Its surface temperature is about 4500C

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The fuel which is burning inside the Sun is (1) Coal (2) Uranium (3) Oxygen (4) Hydrogen

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Radio and TV reproduce the programme after receiving the waves by antenna. These waves are (1) Nothing but light rays but with larger frequency (2) Nothing but light rays but with larger wavelength (3) Like soundwaves with higher frequencies (4) None fo the above

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Due to which property of the light waves, the solar and lunar eclipse take place? (1) Interference (2) Diffraction (3) Polarization (4) Rectilinear propagation

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In the Indian territory, the magnetic equator is passing nearer to (1) Trivandrum (2) Shriharikota (3) Allahabad (4) Srinagar


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Which of the following gives the proper order of colours? (1) red, green, blue (2) blue, green, red (3) blue, green, yellow (4) blue, yellow, green

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A coin is flipped for 100 times. The number of times the head comes on top is (1) Exactly 50 (2) 50 or more (3) 50 or less (4) About 50 with few more or few less

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At what temperature is the density of the water highest? (1) 00C (2) 40C (3) 200C (4) 1000C

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state the full form of cpu.


public sector


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What do you know about surgical strikes?


how can i qualify GA?????????


The safeguard agreement with regard to civilian nuclear to civilian nuclear facilities between India and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) came into force on?


when did the fall of bastille happen?


who wrote the book titled as 'politics'?


Which indian city is called garden city of India ?


In the year 2004, where was Olympics held?


Tell something about coal- gate scam?


in which of the following states is shifting cultivation commonly used?


Which city is called Orange city of india ?


Name any Veteran Olympian Medalist and Politician.


which is the largest state in india?