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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The State which does not have two Houses. (1) Rajasthan (2) Maharashtra (3) Bihar (4) Uttar Pradesh

1 1992

The Protection available to the Civil Servants under Art. 311 is not specifically provided in case of (1) Suspension (2) Reduction in Rank (3) Removal (4) Dismissal

1 2150

The Chief Election Commissioner shall be removed by (1) The President alone (2) The Chief Justice of India (3) In like manner as a judge of the Supreme Court of India (4) Cannot be removed before his tenure comes to an end

1 1605

During the Proclamation of Emergency Art. 21 (1) is suspended by an order of the President (2) is not suspended but its enforcement is suspended (3) remains in operation (4) is automatically suspended

1 2083

The Constitution specifically provides when there is a situation in which the Government of a State cannot be carried on in accordance with the Constitution, a ground to proclaim the President?s Rule in Art. (1) 358 (2) 359 (3) 357 (4) 365

1 1730

Part XXI of the Constitution does not provide special provision with respect to the State of (1) Maharashtra (2) Gujarat (3) Rajasthan (4) Mizoram

1 2172

The Right to ?life? in Article 21 has been extended to live in a clean environment in the case of (1) Rural Litigation and Entitlement in Kerala (2) Maneka Gandhi (3) Asiad case (4) Bhopal case

4 4604

The Judge of the Supreme Court against whom recently the impeachment process was put into operation is (1) K. Ramaswamy (2) N. Venkatachalaiah (3) V. Ramaswami (4) None

2 2437

The apex agency for rural credit in India is (1) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (2) Regional Rural Banks (3) Central Co-operative Banks (4) Primary Agricultural Credit

1 5664

The international trade is monitored by (1) World Bank (2) UNO (3) GATT (4) IMF

1 1941

Terrace cultivation is undertaken mainly (1) On hill tops (2) In undulating tracts (3) On mountain lopes (4) In semi-urban areas

1 2936

The estimated investment in India in the Eighth Five Year Plan will be (1) Rs. 6,10,000 Crores (2) Rs. 3,10,000 Crores (3) Rs. 4,50,000 Crores (4) Rs. 5,30,000 Crores

1 2305

Credit is a (1) Stock concept (2) Flow concept (3) Stock-flow concept (4) None of the above

3 7129

The density of population of Jammu & Kashmir per Sq. Km. According to 1991 census is (1) 180 (2) 120 (3) 76 (4) 56

1 2443

The Green Revolution in India was due to (1) Success of land reform (2) Mechanization of agriculture (3) Balanced use of new strategical agricultural inputs (4) Greater reliance on co-operative farming

1 1978

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hi frns this is ruchi again this time my qus is what is muslim banking? 2)what is the current value of sbi shares?


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