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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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When a Minister loses the confidence of the Prime Minister, the latter (a) Can dismiss him (b) Cannot dismiss him (c) Can get him dismissed by advising the President accordingly (d) Must agree with him

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In India generally the Prime Minister (a) Belongs to the Council of States (b) Belongs to the House of the people (c) Does not belong to any House of the Parliament (d) None of these are correct

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When the Prime Minister reshuffles his Ministers once and again, what does it denote? (a) The Prime Minister is very powerful (b) The Government is not stable (c) The Prime Minister is unable to provide leadership to his team (d) The Council of Ministers is not working harmoniously

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Which one of the following is not the main feature of the Cabinet system of government as it prevails in India? (a) The members of the Council of Ministers are chosen by the President and not by the Prime Minister (b) The proceedings of the Cabinet are kept secret (c) The Prime Minister presides over the Cabinet meetings (d) None of these

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The office of the Prime Minister of India has been created by (a) The Constitution (b) A convention (c) The President (d) The Supreme Court

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Which one of the following is not a function of the Prime Minister of India? (a) The Prime Minister advises the President on the allocation of portfolios to the Members of his Cabinet (b) The Prime Minister presides over the meetings of the Cabinet (c) It is the duty of the Prime Minister to communicate to the President all the decisions of the Cabinet meetings (d) The Prime Minister promulgates ordinances when Parliament is not in session

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Which one of the following is wrong? (a) The Prime Minister is the leader of the majority Party in the Lok Sabha (b) The Prime Minister is the head of the Cabinet (c) The Prime Minister is the head of the Government (d) The Prime Minister is the head of the State

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The Council of Ministers can remain in power only so long as it enjoys the confidence of the (a) Rajya Sabha (b) Lok Sabha (c) Speaker (d) Prime Minister

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The Prime Minister whose government was defeated in Lok Sabha by just one vote: (a) V. P. Singh (b) H. D. Deve Gowda (c) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (d) None of these

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The Prime Minister who could not face Parliament (a) Charan Singh (b) V. P. Singh (c) Chandra Shekhar (d) I. K. Gujral

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The House of the People can express no-confidence against the Council of Ministers by (a) Passing a motion of no-confidence against the Cabinet (b) Rejecting any important or constitutional Bill piloted by the Cabinet (c) By rejecting any money bill piloted by the Cabinet (d) All of these

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The Budget is prepared by the (a) Lok Sabha (b) Rajya Sabha (c) President (d) Finance Ministry in consultation with the Cabinet

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The President (a) Is not bound by the advice of the Cabinet (b) Is bound by the advice of the Cabinet (c) Can ignore the advice given by the Cabinet (d) Can act against the advice of the Cabinet

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Under which of the following Amendments has it been laid that the President is bound to accept the advice of the Cabinet? (a) Twenty-Fourth Amendment (b) Thirty-sixth Amendment (c) Forty-second Amendment (d) Forty-third Amendment

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The President (a) Can dismiss any Minister (b) Can dismiss any Minister in consultation with the Chief Justice of India (c) Cannot dismiss any Minister without the recommendation of Prime Minister (d) None of these is correct

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