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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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?Tsangpo? is the name of an Indian river which for some length flows outside India and it is: (a) Ganga (b) Indus (c) Brahmaputra (d) Sutlej

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We find ?Laterite Soil? in an Indian state called: (a) Rajasthan (b) Tamil Nadu (c) Assam (d) Orissa

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Red Soil is found in which one of the following States? (a) Himachal Pradesh (b) Jammu & Kashmir (c) Karnataka (d) Assam

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Which one of the following rivers flows towards the western side? (a) Godavari (b) Krishna (c) Mahanadi (d) Periyar

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In which of the following areas the evergreen variety of the tropical rain forests are found? (a) Western ghats (b) Assam (c) West Bengal (d) Orissa (e) All of these

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Leh receives rainfall which is: (a) Quite heavy (b) Moderate (c) Very little (d) Absolutely nil

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Chennai is hotter than Kolkata because: (a) there is no mountain nearby (b) Chennai is closer to the sea than Kolkata (c) Chennai is nearer to the Equator (d) Chennai has sandy region everywhere

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Mumbai is colder in summer and warmer in winter because of: (a) absence of any mountain range nearby (b) its nearness to the sea (c) rainfall during both the seasons (d) nearness to the Equator

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Jaipur is famous for a mineral named: (a) Marble (b) Lead (c) Red stone (d) Salt

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The State which produces maximum uranium in India is: (a) Rajasthan (b) Kerala (c) Bihar (d) West Bengal

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The great mountain region of the Himalayas runs upto about ??? from Assam westwards: (a) 2,400 km (b) 1,500 km (c) 1,000 km (d) 4,324 km

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In spite of abundant rainfall, India is said to be water thirsty land. Why? (a) Quick evaporation of rain water (b) Rapid run-off of water (c) Due to the concentration rainfall over a few months (d) All of the above mentioned

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Which of the following factors influence the climate of India? (a) The Himalayas (b) The relief of our land (c) Long Coastal area (d) Nearnesss to Equator (e) All of the above

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Where does the belt of highest temperature lie in the month of March? (a) North India (b) Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh (c) Southern and Central parts of Deccan plateau (d) None of these

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Most of the soil of the Indo-Gangetic Plan is: (a) black soil (b) rocky soil (c) alluvial soil (d) sandy soil

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