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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Out of all the Union territories only one has a High Court of its own. This Union Territory is: (a) Chandigarh (b) Delhi (c) Lakshadweep (d) Pondicherry

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How many languages have been mentioned in the Eighth Schedule? (a) 14 (b) 15 (c) 13 (d) 18

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Which two of these languages are not used as State Languages in any part of India? (a) Sindhi and Sanskrit (b) Sindhi and English (c) Punjabi and Urdu (d) Tamil and Kashmiri

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Which one of the following languages does not occur in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution? (a) Kashmiri (b) Rajasthani (c) Urdu (d) Hindi

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The First Amendment of the Constitution was made in the year: (a) 1954 (b) 1958 (c) 1950 (d) 1949

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Directive Principles of State Policy aim at: (a) ensuring individual liberty (b) ensuring and strengthening the country?s independence (c) protecting the depressed classes (d) providing social and economic base for genuine democracy in the country

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The provisions of which one of the following articles have never been used by the Government? (a) 352 (b) 356 (c) 360 (d) All have been used

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Which article of the Constitution provides for the protection of President against criminal proceedings in a court during his term? (a) 361 (b) 56 (c) 208 (d) 114

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The Council of Ministers, headed by the Prime Minister is responsible to: (a) Prime Minister (b) President (c) Parliament (d) Speaker

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The President is considered an integral part of: (a) Parliament (b) Rajya Sabha (c) Lok Sabha (d) judiciary

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Which among the following is not a part of electoral reforms? (a) Registration of political parties (b) Disqualifying the offenders (c) Installation of electronic voting machines (d) Appointment of Election Commissioner

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In how many lists does the Constitution divide powers between the Central government and the States? (a) Three (b) Two (c) Four (d) One

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How often the Finance Commission is constituted in India? (a) Only once (b) Once every year (c) After every 5 years (d) After every 10 years


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Normally the Parliament can legislate on subjects listed in: (a) Concurrent List (b) Union List and concurrent List (c) State List (d) On all lists


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The writ concerned with personal liberty is: (a) Mandamus (b) Quo Warranto (c) Habeas Corpus (d) None of the above

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Pls Help to me for downloading some good website which offer free pdf file of Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge.


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