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General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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Name the ?Law? Officers who hold office at the pleasure of the President. (a) The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the Attorney-General (b) The Attorney-General and the Solicitor General (c) The Law Minister and any judge of the Supreme Court or of a High Court (d) The Attorney-General and the Law Minister

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The final power to reprieve or remit a punishment and/or to commute death sentence rests with the: (a) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India (b) President of India (c) Prime Minister (d) Attorney-General

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The President?s Rule is imposed in a State or in a Union Territory when the: (a) Governor of a State or the Chief Commissioner or a Lt Governor advises the President to do so because the Government in that State/Territory cannot be carried on accordance with the provisions of the Constitution (b) Chief Minister of a State requests to this effect (c) Chief Justice of the State High Court recommends through the Governor (d) President knows best (e) Elections are being held there

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Judiciary in India is: (a) Less powerful than that of the USA (b) More powerful than that of the USA (c) Almost powerless (d) None of the above

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Who among the following was not a member of the Drafting Committee of the Constitution? (a) Sri Alladi K Ayyar (b) Dr Rajendra Prasad (c) N G Ayyangar (d) Dr B R Ambedkar

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Indian Constitution empowers the Parliament to legislate on certain matters which deal with the Constitution. As a result of it, many laws have been passed by the Parliament. Which among the following laws are a part and parcel of the Constitution? (a) The Indian Citizenship Act (b) The States Reorganization Act (c) The Extradition Act (d) The Protection of Civil Rights Act (e) All the above

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Which of the following statements regarding the difference between the Fundamental Rights and Directive Principles are correct? (a) Fundamental Rights are justiciable (b) Fundamental Rights prevail if they come in conflict with Directive Principles (c) If a law is passed for the enforcement of Directive Principles it will not be declared unconstitutional even if it comes in clash with Fundamental Rights (d) All of them are correct

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The Directive Principles: (a) aim at establishing welfare state of Gandhian conception (b) aim at giving ideals to be incorporated at a later state (c) aim at giving support to the Fundamental Rights (d) ?a? and ?b? only

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What objectives Indian Government is required to pursue in International relations by the Directive Principles? (a) To promote international peace and security (b) To maintain just and honourable relations between nations (c) To foster respect for international law and treaty obligations (d) To encourage settlement of international disputes by arbitration (e) None of the above

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Which of the following provisions can be amended by the simple majority of the members present and voting in the parliament? (a) Provisions relating to citizenship (b) Creation or abolition of Upper House of State Legislatures (c) Administration of SC/ST (d) Creation or abolition of a State (e) Changing the boundary or name of a State

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Are the Directive Principles enforceable in the Courts? (a) No (b) Yes (c) Some of them (d) None of these

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Which Court in India has the Special responsibility of enforcing Fundamental Rights? (a) Supreme Court (b) High Court (c) District and Sessions Court (d) Any Court

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The preamble serves the purpose of: (a) Indicating that the authority of the Government is derived from the people (b) Pointing out what the people expect the Government of India to accomplish (c) Helping judges to interpret various provisions of the Constitution properly (d) All the above

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Which one of the following is true? (a) Every person living within India has fundamental rights (b) Article 20 and 21 apply to all citizens and non-citizens (c) The Planning Commission works as per the provision of the Constitution (d) None of the above

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What does the Constitution say about the appointment of the Union Council of Ministers? (a) Prime Minister is appointed by the President and other ministers are also appointed by the President on the advice of the PM (b) The Parliament appoints them (c) PM is appointed by the Parliament and Council of Ministers by the Speaker of Lok Sabha (d) PM and Council of Ministers are appointed by the Supreme Court

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